Best Books for Learning Spanish in 2021

Best Books for Learning Spanish in 2021

Learning Spanish is a trendy choice among people worldwide, primarily because of its wide use in international affairs. It is a valuable skill that can help you get ahead in your career and grow the global community, but it is also a daunting task to master. We hope to make it easier for people interested in this language to start becoming fluent with these books.

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach

This language book is an excellent option for intermediate and advanced learners of Spanish, particularly those who want to brush up on their grammar and vocabulary. It covers culture and history, then moves on to more practical topics such as money, health care, food, and transportation.

Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Series

Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) is a unique method of learning Spanish by reading books at home. It involves four different volumes, each of which contains 30 daily lessons. The first volume contains the following subject areas: Numbers; Numbers; Word Formation; Grammar; Verbs; Adjectives and Adverbs; Possessive Pronouns; Other Pronouns; Names; Body Parts and Expressions of Emotions.

Easy Spanish Step-by-Step

It is a comprehensive series that will help you acquire confidence in Spanish, whether you are starting or are already fluent in the language. It consists of ten volumes with thirty-six lessons each. Each lesson is two pages long and delivers comprehensive information to learners who want to improve their skills through practice.

Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs

It is an essential Spanish vocabulary book handbook for learners of all levels. It is available in an electronic version as well. The book’s structured lessons come from actual students who have taught themselves Spanish through Barron’s Beginning Spanish and Barron’s Intermediate Spanish books.

Living Language Spanish

This book is another excellent option for learners of all levels. It includes a well-designed vocabulary and grammar program that offers a wide range of topics, including idioms, expressions, greetings, and much more. The book provides full audio support in the form of CDs and MP3 downloads.

Spanish for Dummies

This book is a highly regarded series for learners of Spanish who are looking to build their vocabulary and improve their grammar skills. This title focuses on the most common phrases used in daily conversation and on more advanced topics, such as food, money, health care, and travel.

Getting Started with Spanish

This option is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking to improve their conversation skills and vocabulary. It includes 3 CDs for those who want to listen to the book as they go along and several fun interactive exercises and activities.

Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary

This book is an excellent option for learners who want to help themselves communicate with the Spanish-speaking community. This updated version includes over 5000 words and expressions. It also contains essential vocabulary for travelers who visit Spanish-speaking countries, including useful phrases for hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, and more.


Learning Spanish is an excellent way to develop your foreign language skills. The techniques presented here are beneficial for beginner learners who need to improve their vocabulary, practice speaking the language, and learn idiomatic expressions native to the Spanish culture.


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