Review: Forever Winter by Alexa Riley

Publication Date: January 24th, 2019

Series: Standalone 
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: When Winter agrees to go to a charity event to support her best friend, she never expects the night to change her life. She meets a brooding, sexy stranger who saves her from a creep, and they share an irresistible attraction. Winter allows herself to give in to temptation, but too soon all hell breaks loose when the fire alarm interrupts their rendezvous and she loses her handsome stranger in the chaos. 

Bo has been searching for the woman of his dreams for four long months. When his brother Cory’s fiancée shows up at the family estate pregnant, his world is turned upside down. 

Warning: Wrap yourself up in this winter wonderland and stay cozy with us! This secret baby book is everything you want with a side of extra, just the way we love it!

Review: I felt like I haven’t read a book by AR in forever, so I needed my fix. Like always, these two nailed this one perfectly, and I read it in one sitting.

Winter is literally the sweetest person ever, despite the way she was raised. She will do anything she is asked, which is how she ends up going to an event to help out her best friend, Cory. When Cory steps away for a minute, Winter’s world is turned upside down, when Bo steps in to rescue her. They share some intense passion and chemistry, but now, it’s four months later, and Bo is still looking for the one who got away. When he realizes Winter is with his brother, he is ready to take back what’s his, regardless of what Cory thinks. There is no stopping Bo once he sets his sights on something, and he has them firmly planted on Winter.

I adored this cute little read. Bo is all alpha male, until he literally melts at Winter’s feet. He is determined to show her she is his forever no matter what. I’m actually hoping we get Cory’s story as well because I know it will be great. Don’t miss this sweet, adorable little read. Can’t wait for the next.


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