Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review: You Own Me (Owned #1) by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Publication Date: February 14th, 2015
Series: 1
Rating: 3 stars

Official Blurb:
This is not a story about fairytales.
I expected to be lonely when I dropped everything and ran without telling a soul. I expected to be afraid, hiding from Dean.
What I didn’t expect was Vic.
Like a moth to my blazing destruction, I’m drawn to him.
We’re lust. We’re rage. We might even be love. We’re definitely two people who shouldn’t be together, but we belong together. It’s not long before I’m wondering if Vic could be more twisted than the man I ran away from. Our fire won’t burn forever, but something tells me Vic might revel in the ashes.
I should have known better than to think I stood a chance.

When I first started reading You Own Me, I was instantly sucked into the story. I wanted to know more about Lennox, what or who she was running from, and what happened to her. Mary Catherine Gebhard held my attention with her storyline until about halfway through the book. This is when things turned to a different type of interesting for me. I really wanted to like Lennox. I really wanted to like Vic. In the beginning I loved them both, but as the story progressed, I started to see a new side to each character. Lennox turned into the character I hate to see in books. I felt she let her hormones get the best of her, and instead of standing up for herself, she became a doormat. Vic wasn’t any better either in my opinion. It was obvious they wanted each other, but Vic claimed didn’t want Lennox and more than once he said so. Not to mention he tried to stay away from her. In my mind, if a hero of the story continues to show how much he isn’t interested or is just a plain a**, then it would make sense to just move on right? Lennox didn’t. And that frustrated me to no end.

Like I said, the first part of the book was great. The second half just ruined it for me. You Own Me had such promise and I really wanted to love it. But in the end I’m actually surprised I finished it, and that ending was not what it should’ve been. There isn’t a good epilogue either, so I’m guessing Lennox and Vic’s story will be shown more in the other books in this series. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this series because heroines like Lennox just make the entire book frustrating to read.

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