Review: Chilled (Bone Secrets #2) by Kendra Elliot

Publication Date: August 14th, 2012
Series: 2
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:
As a forensic nurse on a search and rescue team, Brynn Nealey braves a dangerous blizzard to find the survivors of a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains. Joining her is Alex Kinton, a former US marshal with self-destructive tendencies. Alex lies his way onto Brynn’s team to find the man who killed his brother—and then return the favor. But once the team members reach the plane’s wreckage, they discover everyone aboard has perished…except for the man Alex is hunting. Alex will do whatever it takes to track his target through the vast, snowy wilderness.

As the temperatures drop, however, so do Alex’s defenses. His contact with the sharp, kindhearted Brynn makes his lust for vengeance difficult to reconcile with his growing feelings for a woman who risks her life to help others. What will happen to Alex’s savage instincts when he finally has the opportunity to confront his brother’s killer?

In Chilled, the next thrilling tale in the Bone Secrets saga, Golden Heart finalist Kendra Elliot weaves an icy tale of cold nights, cold hearts, and cold-blooded killers.

Chilled is the next book in the Bone Secrets series. I wouldn’t say you need to read book one before this one as it’s written as a standalone. I’ve read Hidden, book one, a while back and I had no problems picking up Chilled. I really enjoy reading a series that I don’t have to read back to back just to get the story-line. Chilled has its own set of characters, mystery, and of course there are some twists I didn’t see coming.
Kendra Elliot has a knack at keeping me on the edge of my seat, and with Chilled, I was not disappointed. There’s just enough action, suspense, and mystery in Chilled. It’s not overly done, but it was enough to keep me highly interested. I also liked the survival aspects of Chilled. The book is set in the mountains, and the characters in this one have a lot of things working against them.
Overall, I wish I could give Chilled more than five stars. It was very well written and I can’t wait to pick up the next book in this series. I would highly recommend checking this book, and this series, out. 


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