Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: Advantage (Advance Industries #3) by K.A. Duggs

Publication Date: March 6, 2017
Series: 3
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:
We met by chance, by crazy circumstance.
Forced together by events out of our control
Neither of us were looking.
Neither of us were wanting what we found.
Both scarred. Both scared. Both hiding.
Only, one of us is undeserving.
One of us is lying, faking … taking advantage.
The face I present to the world is a farce and my act has been perfected, now it’s first class.
Taking a chance is a risk to us both
But it can’t be ignored, because not only is it her name, it’s what she gives me…
Some sins can never be erased. If I get too close… if she finds out…
I’ll be replaced.

I very much enjoyed reading book 3 in K.A. Duggsy’s Advance Industries Series. After the ending of book 2, I really had no idea what K.A. would have in store for this one, and boy did she deliver! I love that this series is always so different and not to mention, I got a better sense of what happened with the people involved with Advance Industries. This series is one that I know I’ll read again and again just because it’s not a typical paranormal book.
In Advantage, I really enjoyed reading more about Callan and Hope. If you’ve read the series, they pop up every now and again, but I wasn’t expecting them to have a story. I’m super glad they did though. Callan seems like he has everything together, but does he really? His character was one that I found interesting but also frustrating because he has so many inner demons. Hope on the other hand, was like a fresh breath of air. She’s so innocent, kind, and brutally honest. She was very intriguing because everything is so new to her, and I liked how she didn’t let her past stop her from living.
Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Advantage. I definitely couldn’t put it down once I started and when it ended I was a little sad. I know I’m hoping for more, because there’s some things I want to know more about. I can only impatiently wait for the next one, and I highly recommend checking this one and this series out.

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