Release Day Blitz: Resilient Love by JC Santo

Resilient Love

(Navy Love Series Book 3)
JC Santo
Now Live! 

How much hurt can one love go through?

An ill mother, a devastating secret and depression. These are now daily battles Joanna Fuentes deals with.

She sat on the sidelines and watched her friends find love, even the ones who weren’t searching for it. J.C. was meant to be a distraction from her mother’s illness, something for fun to pass the time. She never expected him to be her happily ever after.

Jared Collins enjoyed the single life. Yes, he’d always had the hots for a fellow sailor and friend, Jo, but he never thought he’d act on those physical feelings. And he damn sure didn’t think she’d be a game changer when he finally gave into those feelings.

What started off as two friends and a couple drunken nights, escalated into something more; Love. But secrets, unspoken feelings and one huge fight has caused a riff in the once unbreakable friendship of J.C. and Jo.

Will J.C. be able to repair the damage not only to their friendship but also their future relationship? Is he able to be the man Jo needs to pull her out of the depths of despair she’s fallen into?

One thing is certain, it will take a resilient kind of love.

*~*~* 5 Stars *~*~* 

I have been waiting on Jo and J.C.’s book and I loved every minute! It’s by far my favorite in the series. Grab some tissues cause it’s going to be a crazy ride.

Jo and J.C. started off as a fling, and neither expected things to go to a different level, but they did. One heartbreaking secret tore them apart. J.C. chose to run from his feelings, while Jo pulled away from everyone and went into a depression. For the past six months, J.C. has had time to think about his mistakes and how he handled everything with Jo. Being alone made J.C. realized his true feelings for Jo and it’s time to change things between them, but Jo has put up walls and blocked everyone out. Can J.C. break down Jo’s walls and show her how much she means to him or will they both be left heartbroken forever?

I absolutely love J.C.! At first, I had such a love/hate relationship with him, until I realized what a sweetheart he really is. Once J.C. stole my heart, I was hooked! Jo is such a strong woman. She is trying to fight her demons, but with everything happening she just needs someone to lean on and J.C. is that person for her. This book is very emotional and pulled at my heartstrings quite a few times. I cried… WHEW I cried, but it was well worth it. J.C. and Jo’s chemistry is amazing and I loved them so much!! I am also happy we got Marsh’s mystery guy finally and I can’t wait for his book next! Get this book now! Loved it!


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