Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Psychosis by Marie James and Gina Sevani

Publication Date: 12/20/2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb: 

Matthew Hosea – FanFiction Novella

Louisiana born – Tennessee raised, sweet talking country boy Matthew Hosea is now the new panty-melting heart throb model of the Author World. He’s steals many hearts with his sexy voice and muscular body. Matthew spends his days staying extremely busy between being Active Duty Navy, a Nutrition Sales Representative, and a part-time Bouncer at the local bar. Not to mention the two-a-day gym visits. He has no time for women to take permanent residence in his life. The last thing he needs on top of such a crazy ass schedule is drama.

Leia Walker has had nothing but a troubled chaotic life. Sometimes it’s hard for her to stick to reality when fantasy is much more pleasurable. Besides, it’s easier to control. Temptation is hard for Leia to fight; it’s constantly dangling right in front of her. She spends her time hanging out in the shadows waiting for the perfect man; her eyes are set on Matthew Hosea, the new, inked model taking the world by storm. The connection she feels is undeniable. Matthew’s the perfect man for her; he just doesn’t know it yet. 

I’m going to start this off by saying that Matthew himself was the person who suggested this book to me at Readers and Writers a few weeks ago.  While I was attending the event myself, a conversation we struck up about his following of cupcakes and just the craziness of his fans in general brought up this book.  I picked it up as soon as I got home and let’s just say at one point I messaged him and apologized on behalf of womankind.  I know that this book is nearly completely fiction, but after that conversation I had with him, I knew that not entirely all of it was fictitious. 

Psychosis is a funny yet nightmarish story.  There so many OMG moments in this book that I literally had nightmares. Now being acquainted with Matthew after the signing, I felt a bit awkward at times as I read certain scenes because it seems so weird reading about his fictitious sex life and actually know the guy.  Call me weird, but I was weirded out by it. I guess that just makes me normal LOL This little scary gem while fictional does showcase how some fans of cover models or even celebrities in general can go from fan to psychotically obsessed in the blink of an eye.  As I read this book, the rollercoaster of emotions were there and frankly so were the nightmares.  Applying some of this to real life situations really made me think about how careful you have to be with fans because you never know when one will go Leia on your ass.

Now, Marie and Gina, keep a close eye on his newsfeed because I have a feeling the inspiration for Psychosis 2 might just be there in his comments!

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