Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: Strange Case by Lauren Stewart

Publication Date: 9/27/2013
Series: Hyde #3
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Sometimes, to see the eyes of your greatest enemy, you need to look into a mirror.

In this final chapter of Mitch and Eden's story, everyone will be tested. Morality and honor weighed against getting the job done. But desperation can make people do things they never thought they’d be capable of. And returning from hell is a pretty damn big wake-up call, especially once Mitch realizes that the woman he loves has been in a different kind of hell…and she can’t get out of it.

And with the release of the Strange Case (and I know, I’m reading it over 2 years after the fact) comes the conclusion of Eden and Mitch’s crazy story. After reading the brilliant first book Hyde, I found my love for this series waning after Jekyll.  And as much as I wanted my love level to re-build some momentum with Strange Case, I found that it stayed stagnant.  It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the story, but it was the overuse of the same themes from the previous books over and over again. I understand that Eden and Mitch would sacrifice themselves for the other, but at the same time, I wanted something a little different out of Strange Case.  The way Jekyll ended there were so many possibilities to how this trilogy could wind up, but Stewart used her patented tried and true method from the other books to drive this story.  There were times that I thought to myself that this book could have been much shorter and the impact would have been just the same.  It just dragged on in particular chapters only for the same situation to come back again later on in the book. 

Onto the ending. Well. The sort of ending.  Stewart went from a full speed ahead to a dead stop.  There were so many loose ends that weren’t tied up that I was left scratching my head.  While the ending was good and well-deserved for these two characters, but knowing that after Stewart introduced a new character and love interest for Landon that there weren’t going to be any more books, honestly left me a little disappointed.  Danielle was a really great character and her pairing with Landon was fantastic, but after Eden and Hyde’s story ended, Landon and Dani just magically poofed away.  I really think their story was a very big missed opportunity that I hope Stewart would consider later on.

I could go on with a few other points, but it seems that it would be a moot point.  I know other reviewers just loved the way this trilogy ended so that puts me in the minority.  This book had so much potential that was missed that I couldn’t bring myself to rate it more than 3.5 Stars.  

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