Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

Publication Date: 2/15/2014

Series: Fated Eternals
Rating: 4 Stars


Official Blurb:

An endless love, for an endless price.

Jack’s immortality is exposed when he prevents a liquor store heist, forcing him to flee to protect his secret—a secret not even he understands. But when he meets Leah Winters—a mirror image of his decades-lost love, Lydia—his very soul is laid bare. He begins to question his sanity. Is she real, and if so, what does that mean for Jack and his secret?

Jack’s not the only mystery man in town. A stranger named Artagan hints at knowledge Jack is desperate to possess. But can he trust Artagan, or does the dark newcomer harbor deadly secrets of his own?

As Jack’s bond with Leah grows, so does the danger to her life. Jack must discover just how much he is willing to risk in order to save the woman he already lost once. 

For the first time in a long time, I have set down and just stared at a PNR read and wondered, “what in the hell is this guy?” As a longtime lover of all things dark and paranormal, I was stumped by Jack’s predicament. I went through the gambit trying to figure out what his species or affliction might me.  When I did find out, I was shocked.  Printy has taken such a unique twist with this book.  My Soul Immortal was a fascinating read and her writing style was easy to follow.  My only problem was that I had a bit of an issue relating with her characters right off the bat. Jack’s life was laid out in detail whereas Leah’s took just a little too much time to unfold in my opinion, but that may have just been me.  

Printy took a chance with putting the focus solely on her male character, which is a rarity these days in literature and it paid off.   The ending will leave you wanting for more after you pulled yourself together with the emotional turmoil towards the end of the book.  Good new author and a great new read!

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