Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gas or Ass by Eden Connor

Publication: 4-17-15
Series: The Cuda' Confessions #1
Rating: 3 1/2 Cherries


Not every relationship is about love.

The odometer on my sex life was stuck at zero the day my mother dragged home a husband Id never met. Dale brought his two grown sons to help pack and move us into their house. Both were hard-bodied and handsome, but Caine didnt speak to me. Colt, on the other hand, said crude stuff like, “Wanna ride with me? Then Im gonna need gas or ass,” but I couldnt take my eyes off his rippling muscles and challenging blue eyes.

Some are about speed, sex, and defiance.

When Colt offered me a ride to school, I thought the ‘gas or ass thing was a joke, but he wasnt kidding. Though he barely touched me, he shattered the innocence I couldnt wait to shed. Even then, I sensed Id never be the same. He and Caine soon upped the stakes, putting me behind the wheel of cars that could reach insane speeds. They kept challenging me to find my inner wild child, pairing illegal drag races with high-octane sex games, games like 'winner gets head'.

And some are about trying to break you.

It wasnt long before I was hooked, but I always planned to walk away. Then everything spun out of control and walking wasnt an option.
I had to run.

**Disclaimer: This is a tale of a young girls crush that turns to hatred and back to love. Gas and Ass is the crush-to-hate part of the story. Theres no HEA inside these pages, so if thats a must, this isnt the story for you. If you can delay gratification, however, the hatred-to-love part is the basis of the sequel, Turn and Burn.

This book starts out with notes from the author.  She explains that this is a work of fiction.  So while some reviewers will be quick to judge the characters and situations as anything but real, you have been warned.

We meet our heroine Shelby in the opening scene of the book, she is trying to get to work when her mother springs some rather shocking news on her.  She has gone out and gotten married to a man she has only known for a few weeks without telling Shelby!!!  This alone is enough to send shelby into a tailspin but it keeps getting better.  Her new stepfather has two adult sons who live at home with him,  The same house they expect shelby to move into that very day.  To complicate things even farther, virgin Shelby finds her sex drive kicked into hyper drive by her sexy new step-brothers.  The overriding theme of the book is "Gas or Ass", no one rides for free.  With a theme like that you can only imagine what happens between shelby and her new step-brothers.

The author is very upfront in her notes that when the whole step-brother love thing hit its stride she jumped on the band wagon to try her hand at it.  What we get is an octane fueled, redneck, romp through the forbidden world of underground drag-racing and step-brother loving.  All the taboo things you can think of, as well as a few you haven't, make an appearance in this book.  If you can lay your moral judgements to the side this is a delightfully dirty read.

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