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Review: This Too Shall Pass by Jettie Woodruff

Review: This Too Shall Pass by Jettie Woodruff
Publication Date: June 24,2015

Series: Book 2 
Rating: 5 Stars from  Nikki, Brandi and Tiffany  

Official Blurb: This is the continuance of And in time…
If you loved the story between Cory and Alexis, falling in love, and becoming a couple, continue on with caution. This Too Shall Pass gives you the angst you didn't see in book one. More passion, a lot of turbulence, and a few surprises along the way. Enjoy the ride while you get mad at Alexis for being stupid and knowing better. Hold on to your device while you hate Cory for what he is capable of, and also knowing better. 

After reading And in Time, I could not wait to see what would happen between Alexis and Cory. Their story had a few bumps along the way in book 1 but nothing too rocky. But book 2 is a completely different story. This book brought out the emotions BIG TIME!!!

Everything is going good for Alexis and Cory. They are settled into their lives and things are going good until it isn’t. In the blink of an eye the whole entire book takes a complete turn around. There were times I want to slap Alexis because I knew she knew better. I wanted to shake her and scream at her to get it together because she was so much better than that. And Cory… words alone don’t do justice to the things I wanted to do to Cory. Cory pissed me off through about 60% of this book. NO JOKE… if I could have crawled through my kindle and punched him in the face I would have multiple times… OVER AND OVER!!!

This is one of my favorite stories by Jettie. And in Time is more of the love story to pave the way and This Too Shall Pass is of course the bumps along the way. Be ready because I laughed, cried, screamed, yelled, and almost broke my kindle a few times. Don’t miss out on this fantastic series that will leave you wondering if this too can really pass!?

This Two Shall Pass picks right off where And In Time leaves you. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen between Cory and Alexis. I thought their story would end with book one, but I was wrong! I still love both of the characters. I still love their story. Maybe even more now after finishing this one.
Cory and Alexis in this book….all I can say is, hold on. Hold on tight as you read this one. This books is packed full of emotions that will make you laugh, cry, and seriously want to make you throw your kindle against the wall. I was so angry at times more at Cory, but in a way I understood him. I got why he was so pissed, but then again, I was made because he didn’t think.
Alexis also made me angry, but I was sadder with her. At times I really wished I could climb into the book world and hug her. I hated some of the things she had to go through, but I felt she grew so much in this book. Her character became stronger in the end.

I can honestly say, that this Time Duo, is by far my favorite by Jettie. I loved every single second, even when I had to walk away from the story. The description of this book fits it to a “T”, and I highly recommend reading this. I can only imagine what Jettie will write next!

I couldn't wait to see what happens next with Cory and Alexis. Things were so good at the end of the first book, and they continue through the beginning of this one as well. Alexis is comfortable, settling into life with Cory and the two girls. Life is good, except they aren't married yet, which irritates Cory and her family to no end. To make matters difficult, Mitch comes back to town. He's going to be coaching at the school, and of course everyone welcomes him back. There is tension between Alexis and Mitch, but for her, there is nothing left between them. Things start to get complicated for Cory and Alexis, and they are both so stubborn!!! If one of them tried, or just would listen then a lot of heartache would have been avoided. This one had me all over the place, I went from loving Cory, to actually hating him and hoping that Alexis would just leave him in the dust. Then you have Alexis who is hard headed too, seeming to make things harder for herself. Overall I really really enjoyed this book, I was happy, angry, laughing at some parts, but I also cried. I never shed tears while reading a book, but this one touched me in certain parts and I couldn't help but FEEL what the characters were feeling. I love the title and there is truth in it because in the end is does pass.

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