Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Your Present by Thomas Hunter Dillon

Publication Date: May 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

In The Little Red Book of Romance, readers were introduced to the unique stylings of Thomas Hunter Dillon. A fresh male voice in the world of erotic literature, T.H. Dillon combines his real-life adventures and experiences with the enigmatic personality that comes through in his writing. The story "Your Present" left impressions on almost everybody that read it. 

Now Thomas has returned with his second compilation of sexy (and in some cases true) short stories for your reading pleasure in More Presents from T.H. Dillon. Seven new scenarios are played out on the pages inside as Thomas attempts to give you more of what you enjoy and crave from him. A little bit of everything to satisfy your needs

Your Present is not your Mom’s steamy romance read. This short read will leave you panting for more. It’s more than just reading the letters on the page, but the experience of those words.  This is a book that women who need to feel special will enjoy alone or with their partner. Trust me, my husband enjoyed the outcome of the first read and the multiple re-reads after because let’s be honest this is definitely the kind of book you’ll want to read multiple times ;) "You're going to want to buy him his own copy. Trust me."

A special note from the author!!

There is a book being developed right now, specifically with couples in mind. I can't say who all is involved with this project yet.....but what is being planned....is going to be sexy and nasty and wonderful.

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  1. For anyone wondering why this title has been "combined" on GR with my previous book 'More Presents'....that was an accident. I am hoping to have that issue resolved soon.

    Glad to hear you and your hubs have been enjoying 'Your Present'. Nice to know it's not just a "solo love" title like I had envisioned it being. ;-)

    #readingisfun #coupleswhoreadtogether