Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: Forgive by Mandee Mae

Publication Date: 9/15/2014

Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb:

Sadie knew the minute she graduated high school she had to get away. Being bullied and made fun of had worn on her self-esteem and made her feel like nothing. College was not only a place for her to create the person she wanted to be, it gave her the freedom to ignore those harsh words that broke her in high school. Life was going well until that familiar voice and face confronted her and her world shattered. Now Sadie must deal with the battle within. Can she let go of the past for good? 

Matt was on a mission to show Sadie that he had changed and was asking for her to give him a chance to prove it. Will Matt accomplish the one thing he’s set out to do? Will he be able to break through the wall that she still has up after all these years? As the truth about the past unfolds, will it destroy any future those two have or will it make their forgiveness become the foundation for the future?

If it were possible to reach through this screen and hug author Mandee Mae I think I would. You have no idea how much your book touched me. As a girl who was and still is the chubby girl, thank you from the bottom of my heart. While I wasn’t teased and ridiculed as much as poor Sadie, I was exposed to this on occasion in high school. I am not a shy girl so I faired a little better than Sadie did, but the words still haunt me today. Now… back to the book after my public service announcement

Sadie is the broken down and battered little girl who faced bullying every single day in high school from a trio of the popular guys in school. Tom, their ringleader, and his two silent followers Matt and Toby. Tom was relentless in his bullying of Sadie, while Toby and Matt stood by saying nothing. Years later, Sadie has learned to live on her far away from the nightmares of her past and hometown. She’s successful in her career and finally has found a form of peace in her life. Life was as good as it could be expected for her until she walks into a meeting for work… there sits Matt at the head of the table. Memories and nightmares of her torture coming rushing back to her. Yet, Matt isn’t the guy she thought he was. He had secrets of his own with her bullying in school. She wants to move on from the past, but it floods her dreams.  Sadie’s strong walls are tested when Matt wants to give her more than an apology. Can her heart take the memories both new and old or will she run into the night away from forgiveness?

Forgive highlights a few things that I think we need to read about more often, bullying of all forms and the effects of bullied kids. Every day in the news, there is another report about a young kid who’s taken their life because of the bullies in their school or life. These kids needed love and support, but we only given harsh words and hopelessness. That is the case for Sadie as a character. She runs screaming into the night to get away from the pain, never looking back on her hometown. She’s had to live with the fears instilled in her by her bullies her entire life. These guys effected every single decision she’s ever made and would have continued to do so should she not have had a chance meeting with Matt. Sadie’s story is one of forgiving, healing, and finding love in the ashes of the past. Mandee Mae broke my heart so many times in this book that I had to put it down and take an emotional breather.  This well-written, emotion book needs to be on everyone’s TBR pile not because it is a good story, but because of the causes it highlights. Thank you Mandee for not shying away from the hard stuff and laying it all out there for your readers. I can’t wait to read more!

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