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Release Blitz: Rocking Danni by Kacey Hamford


Title: Rocking Danni
Author: Kacey Hamford
Release Date: May 27, 2015


Danni has spent the last three years raising her daughter and living with a possessive boyfriend, she thought she was happy until ‘Flix’ arrived back in town.
Will, the strong, tattooed drummer for the band ‘Flix’ spent the last few years sleeping around trying to forget a certain blonde that had invaded his head and heart.
When Will and Danni meet again after three years apart she finds herself mesmerised by his chocolate brown eyes and re living intimate memories. Did she make the right decision walking away from him?
Will old feelings come back to life, will their hearts be drumming to the same beat or have they both moved on? A tragedy brings them closer together and Will discovers a secret. Will it make or break them? Only time will tell.

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This was my first book in this series. I know right crazy to start on book 5 and not book 1 but actually it was very easy to follow along without reading the others. And after reading this book I will be reading the other books.

I love how the story is told through both Danni and Will’s POVs so we get each side along with the in-between. Danni is living from day to day. She is taking care of her daughter who she loves very much and would do anything for while also living with her boyfriend. I cannot express how much I hated her boyfriend from the very beginning. When the band comes back to town and Will in brought back into her life Danni starts questioning everything she thought she knew.

For the past few years, Will has been traveling with his band and living life to the fullest. Everyone assumed Will was happy but also a complete playboy but what they didn’t realize is for years he has tried to forget his time with Danni. Once Danni comes back into Will’s life he knows that he has to have her no matter what.

There were times in this story I got so mad at not only Will but also Danni. I wanted to shake these two and scream wake up and get it together!!!!! Of course there are secrets that come out along the way and drama that holds these two back in more way than one. But I ended up falling in love with Will and cheering him and Danni on. This was a great book and I look forward to more!!! 

Author Bio:

Kacey is a pen name for two friends, Kelly and Claire. We started this journey together writing Rocking Esme in January 2014. We are avid readers and love all kinds of books. We were inspired to write a rock star book as that’s one of my (Kelly) favourite sorts of books to read. We joked about writing a book and then once we started it kind of just took off and we really love it. We both contributed to all of the Rocking books. Now Claire has taken a back seat due to work commitments and I wrote ‘Taking A Chance’ by myself and Claire was very much involved with the editing, reading and formatting. Now, I have written ‘Giving A Chance’ and had help from many of my friends with editing and beta reading. 

It still makes me so happy to see reviews and sales going up. I love writing and hope to do it as more of a full time job in the future.

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