Review: Buried Sins by Karice Bolton

Publication Date: 4/25/2015
Series: Luke Fletcher #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Fletcher Security Systems has become one of the largest firms of its type in the world. Luke has mastered how to protect everyone else at all cost without dealing with his own demons. Or so he thinks. 

When one of Luke’s top men is captured, he realizes the people who murdered his parents are sending a message loud and clear. He is next. As secrets are unburied, it becomes apparent these people will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they set their sights on Hannah.

Karice Bolton has done it again with the newest edition of the Luke Fletcher Series.  I couldn’t put this book down because I knew the other shoe was going to have to drop in terms of their relationship. After everything they went through in Hidden Sins, I knew that their romance wasn’t finished weathering the rocky waters of love. This book pulls at your heartstrings with the force of a F5 tornado. To call this book amazing is the understatement of the year. Bolton has delivered a suspenseful tale filled with romance and heartbreak. I ugly cried so hard while reading Buried Sins that I woke up my husband during the middle of the night.  Luke and Hannah’s life is a rollercoaster of pain, love, heartbreak, and self-sacrifice. So many times while reading, I wanted to reach through my Nook to hug Hannah or smack Luke.  Without giving away the plot, my review will have to remain short. I will end with this. If you haven’t read this series or anything by Karice Bolton, you absolutely don’t know what you are missing. Her books are a one click addicts dream. What are you waiting for? Get to clicking!


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