Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: Sons of War MC by Jane Slate

Publication Date: 5/2/2014
Series: Sons of War MC #1
Rating: 3 Stars

Official Blurb:

All is sweet in love and war...

Landon Everett is torn. Torn between commitment and desire. Torn between his past and his present. Torn between patriotism and survival.

But she always was his silver lining...

This full length MC romance tells a story of love, honor, and commitment in the face of tragedy and disorder. A story spanning decades. Sons of War MC weaves together the lives of two perfectly imperfect people amongst the backdrop of a sleepy Military town. 
Landon. A jaded former U.S. Marine turned Sergeant-of-arms of the SOW Motorcycle Club. And Grace. An unhappily married woman from Landon’s not so distant past.

They say love conquers all. But is it ever too late?

This novel contains strong language, explicit sexual content and some scenes of a graphic nature. Not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen!

Sons of War MC isn’t like any MC book you’ve ever read, which in this case comes in at a mix bag of likes and dislikes for me. To me this wasn’t really an MC story, but more about a former soldier dealing with PTSD while being in a MC. I think this story would be classified as a dark romance rather than a MC romance since the club itself was such a minor plot point to the story.

The story itself was heartbreaking and emotional charged because of the nature of his PTSD and the outcomes of his actions as well as the romantic temptation of two former childhood lovers being reuniting in an unlikely way. Landon and Grace’s former relationship crumbles while he’s serving in the military. When he returns home, he finds her new relationship in his life both hurtful yet good. He knows with her husband’s PTSD issues and involvement in his MC club that he can’t caste her aside because of his lingering feelings. Landon by far is the best character of the book.

Grace on the other hand.. I don’t really even know where to start with her. Her attitude at as a whole grated on my nerves, but that’s nothing compared to her actions at the end of the book. She’s just not a well-developed character that seems to run the gambit of goody girl, bad girl, and bat shit crazy girl. Her downward spiral seems to be a means to an end with her relationship with Landon.

Like I mentioned above, the story itself was a good idea, but I feel as if it shouldn’t have been in the MC romance category. I think with a little editing and re-thinking of some of the key plot points that this could actually be a decent book.  

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