Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: Hunting Desire by C.M. Dahl

Publication Date: 10/23/2014

Series: Shattered City #1
Rating: 5 Stars


Official Blurb:

Gavin Kincaid and the other Guardians have protected the Shattered City for centuries. But now he faces the one threat even his werewolf strength can't overcome alone: demons are attacking the city from within. His superior calls in elite Hell Hunter Nerine.

Gavin doesn't want outside help. But to his shock, he discovers he wants the beautiful tracker like no other woman he's ever met.

Nerine carries a secret that might just kill her. To protect it, she keeps everyone at arm's length, but her desire for Gavin may make that impossible.

Together, they fight the demons determined to destroy the Shattered City and seize the powerful, mysterious artifacts it holds, until a hidden enemy strikes. Now Nerine must face the demons within her to save Gavin, the city...and the world.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Simply put, I really enjoyed this book. The world building is air tight and filled with mystery and adventure. The characters themselves are well developed and approachable. Gavin, the leading male, I will say has a definite pair of steel balls. I’m not exactly sure I’d approach a demon hunter as he approached Nerine in their first meeting. Their relationship development was like a proverbial cat and mouse game, which spices up the novel even more. The way I imagined Gavin’s Scottish accent could melt the paint off of a car the way he speaks to his beauty Nerine. Trust me ladies, if this man was real, I think Nerine would be battling more than poison slinging demons on a daily basis. This book will take possession of you so I’d advise clearing your schedules of anything that needs to be done. Prepare your husband or significant other to make dinner and put the kiddos to bed because no one will tear you away from this book.

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