Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review: Edge Episode 2 by Jamie Magee

Publication Date: 9/2/2014
Series: Edge Season One #2
Rating: 4.5 stars

Official Blurb:

Reveca Beauregard had long ago been dubbed the Queen of Darkness by the dead. To the living she was known as the Pentacle Daughter, the only acknowledged female member of the Pentacle Sons MC, the most lethal biker correlation known to exist. She was rumored to be a witch. That rumor, of course, was true.

New Orleans was her home, at the Beauregard Boneyard, the safe haven the Club resided within. Only those in the inner circle were as Reveca was—immortal. To be as such you had to choose the life, and the life had to choose you. For either to occur, death came first.

Those deaths came from wars the Sons fought with both the mortal and immortal worlds, as they bent the decrees of the modern lawmen and the paranormal world at large who had no hope of opposing the dark splendor of their vengeance.

Presently, the mysterious murder of a mortal coupled with the cold-blooded slaying of Reveca’s close friend has led the lawmen to place their corrupt accusations upon the Sons. A forced barter with a Lord of Death has landed the Club with a soul that is set to rock the foundation the Sons as a whole stand upon.

Edge Episode #2 picks up right where we left off. Reveca’s somewhat solid romantic life has just been ripped to shreds. Her sister has forced her to barter for a soul in Episode #1. Once the soul returns to Earth Reveca knows her already crazy life has now gone up a few notches. The soul is the man who owns her heart. A lover she took before she was ever immortal. He rocks her to her core. His reemergence on earth has unsettled her because she feels the pull of his soul and past feelings come flooding back to her. She struggles to continue her relationship with Talon as well keep King at a distance. Yet, her romantic coming and goings are the least of her worries.  The woman who GranDee sacrificed herself to save isn’t going as planned. She has to make extra measures to insure she survives.

I’ll warn you this book is an extremely quick read. However, I love its episodic style because it makes you feel like you’re reading a live action TV Show. The twists and turns keep you engaged and longing for the next episode. This series is impossible to set aside so you might as well warn the significant other in your life to just pick up dinner.  Come on episode 3, Lauren really wants more supernatural badass bikers in her life!!

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