Friday, November 14, 2014

Damaged Perfection Blog Tour

Title: Damaged Perfection
Release Day: Nov 4th
Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller
Author: Nicki Rae


Guilt is dangerous.
It rules my life.
I am riddled with it.
After fifteen years, you would think it would lessen.
It hasn’t.
Drugs numb it, women relieve it.
But it always returns, stronger and heavier.
The light, it is refreshing.
It gets closer and I reach for it.
But it is always just out of my grasp.

Piper’s a fresh out of college architect looking to make a name for herself outside the family construction business. Once she lands her dream job, she meets foreman Fenton. After a chance meeting at a club, Piper knows her attraction to Fenton is only going to grow on the jobsite.  Can she stay away from him or will she be drawn in like a moth to the flame?

There are no intelligible words for how much I loved this book. Nicki’s characters literally jump off the page and enter your life from the start. You know there’s more to playboy Fenton’s story right off the bat. You’ll feel the heat of Piper and Fenton’s interactions and it just might melt your e-reader. Nicki makes you wait until the VERY end of the book to drop a HUGE bombshell on her readers. This bombshell will rock whatever you thought you knew about Fenton’s shaded past. It will leave you reeling while you wait in suspense for the next book. 

Author Bio:

Nicki is the author of Lather, the first book in The Moore Series and soon to be released novel, Damaged Perfection. She is a born Buckeye turned Hoosier who loves to spend time with her family. Along with being an avid reader, she also loves her animals and the Indianapolis Colts!

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