Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review: Ditching the Dream by Isabelle Peterson

Publication Date: 11/18/2013
Series: Dream #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Feeling dead in her marriage, Elizabeth Fairchild ditches the dream of her seemingly perfect life with her husband in search of who she really is. She went from her parents' house to her husband's home and never really learned to stand on her own two feet. She decides to leave her comfortable life in Napa Valley in search of her inner fire in New York City. She certainly didn't leave her husband to find another man, but she soon finds herself involved with two: Jack Stevens and Kevin Parker. Jack is older. He has heart-stopping good looks, is wildly successful, and is very much in control of everything around him - especially Elizabeth. Kevin is younger. He is carefree with a heart of gold and loves Elizabeth's spunk. While Elizabeth's old life still calls to her, she also finds what she needs in New York. But which dream will she choose?

Ditching the Dream showcases how a miserable long time married housewife decides to live life again. Elizabeth Fairchild has never lived on her own. She’s been in a boring and lifeless marriage while raising her three children and taking care of her engrossed in his job husband. She’s never known anything but her less than glamorous lifestyle. When her last child leaves for college, she decides that she’s tired of being taken care of and cherished. She escapes to New York from her Napa Valley villa and embarks on a journey of self discovery. Her new life in New York is blossoming. She’s becoming the woman she’s has been and when two very different men show interest in her, she’s knows she’s in trouble. With rich and handsome former model Jack, she’s a prize worth spoiling. Kevin, 14 years her junior, is a young and ambitious school teacher. With these men, she finds out what she’s been missing when it comes to the bedroom. But, when her husband comes to town seeking her return, which of the 3 men will she choose?

This is story is definitely not your momma’s kind of romance story. It’s gritty, sexy as hell, and raw. This perfectly kept housewife yearns for what she’s never had and she takes it by the balls. She changes everything she’s every wanted to do with her life and thrives in a new place. This story may offend some romance fans as it does deal with adultery and multiple on-going sexually relationships as well as sexual discovery. 

For those of you who can handle the premise of an extramarital affair, you NEED to read this book now. The cliffhanger ending has left me in complete shock and awe that I will be immediately diving into book #2. 

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