Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: Complicated by M.M. Koenig

Series:  Mia Ryan #2

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Mia Ryan has learned the hard way that her choices can have horrible consequences. Taking an offer that was supposed to get her life back on track was nothing but a ploy. To keep the ones she holds dear safe, she's forced to finish what she started, without any hope of finding out why she was targeted in the first place. Though Mia has Ethan by her side, she can't seem to believe in him, especially since most of his life remains a mystery. 

Ethan Fitzgerald has done everything in his power to prove to Mia that she can trust him, but it never seems to be enough to convince her to drop the last wall around her heart. With deep and dark secrets lurking around every corner, he has his own plan to keep Mia from any danger, but it may just shatter their love forever. 

There are so many questions – with even more shocking answers – and when Mia uncovers the truth, nothing will ever be the same..

You have NO idea how excited I was yesterday when I was pursuing through my spreadsheet of book series. I’ve been busy reading a lot of author and publisher submissions and I decided to take a break and read a book off my favorite author list. Now, this list has been neglected when it comes to updates and much to my surprise, Complicated had been released! Needless to say, I stayed up WAY too late diving into this book and ended up finishing it at work today.

Mia’s life just seems to continue to grow into being more complicated. Ethan takes off after she reveals the truth of her employment at his family’s company and now she’s being blackmailed, stalked, and watched. Mia used to have a sense of safety, but now dangers lurk all around her. She’s so unsure of herself and cannot find time to just relax. She’s always on guard when it comes to her family, friends, life, and heart.

Ethan.. Ethan.. Ethan.. I don’t know how many times after finishing the last book I just wanted to smack the ever loving shit out of him. He left Mia when she’s at her most vulernable. Granted,  she did drop a major bombshell on him. He’s got a dark past and intentions of his own when it comes to his family. All he wants in this life to bring down those who hurt him deeply and protect Mia in the process.  But, how can you protect someone who has lied to you from the beginning of your relationship?

Their relationship has never been settled on solid ground. As Mia’s fallen harder and harder for Ethan she knew she had to tell him the truth. But, you will find as you read this novel that Ethan’s been hiding a huge secret regarding her past from her. When she discovers the secret and his deception, Mia’s life starts to bottom out. She knows she loves Ethan, but will it be enough to make their relationship last?

This novel is just.. woah. It’s so hard to describe such an emotional rollercoaster without writing a book myself. Mia’s life has been turned upside down and the cliff hanger ending leaves you wondering about her future. She’s got a target painted on her back and she cannot let her friends fall with her. She knows what she has to do and sets off on a suicide mission to end this once and for all. Her sheer determination in this novel makes its far surpass its predecessor. She’s grown into this smart mouth, sexy heroine who will kick your ass and take names later. Koenig’s ability to render a reader speechless is unsurpassed. I never saw this secret past coming and damn I want more.. NOW!

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