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Unclaimed by Laurie Wetzel Blog Tour

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Book name- Unclaimed by Laurie Wetzel
 Genre- YA Paranormal Romance
Release date-8/11/2014
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 Abandoned by her birth parents and ignored by her adoptive family, Maddy Page believes she is unlovable. She only allows herself to dream of falling in love. That changes when she meets MJ; handsome and kind, MJ penetrates Maddy's defenses. Maddy soon finds herself confiding in MJ like she has with no one else, revealing secrets even her closest friends don't know. He makes her feel safe--a feeling she's never experienced except in her dreams. When Maddy witnesses MJ disappear and reappear in thin air, she realizes she might have been wrong about him. He could be dangerous--maybe even a killer. Determined to uncover the truth of who--or what--MJ is, Maddy ignores her instinct to run. But she soon realizes that getting close to MJ could cost more than a broken heart--it could cost Maddy her soul.

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Unclaimed tells the thrilling story of Maddy and the mystery that surrounds her life. Once an enthralling, popular girl in school, she returns home from her usual summer with her Uncle very much changed. She’s a shell of the girl she used to be. She’s shell shocked by the news her Uncle gives her and pushes away everything and everyone in her life. She doesn’t know how to love or what it even feels like. She’s so different from everyone else. Her uniqueness comes from within her and she quickly discovers she shouldn’t even be alive at all.

Maddy’s life is suddenly thrust into a tail spin when two mysterious men try to move into her path in life. She realizes that maybe she isn’t as crazy as she once thought as these men began to feel things that they’ve never felt before when she touches them. They know she’s special, but when push comes to shove neither of them are supposed to be even remotely close to her. It will derail one of their missions while complicating the other guys’ intentions.

MJ is one of those mysterious new men in her life. He’s cold and calculated at first. He’s assigned to protect another girl, but mistakes Maddy for her. Once he touches her, he knows that something is amiss in Maddy and he struggles within himself to follow through with protocol. What he finds in his searches is absolutely nothing. In order to know what she really is, he will have to get closer to her. The closer they get, the harder they fall, and soon MJ is in WAY over his head.

One of the best things about this book is Wetzel’s ability to keep the reader guessing. The premise itself is so interesting and unique on its own, but adds in surprising twists and turns, and you have a thrilling read.  There’s so much about Maddy’s life that’s left to be revealed as the story continues into the next book. The characters embark on a journey shrouded in complete darkness. What’s a girl to do when both Heaven and Hell are hot on her trail and she’s completely clueless as to why? The next book can’t come fast enough!



 All I want now is to be near her—but that could be the very thing that kills her. “If you care for her, you’ll leave this house and never see her again. If she dies and she’s unknown to Heaven, that’s it. This otherworldly girl will either be sentenced to Hell or cease to exist. Can you face eternity knowing you brought that fate to her?” All the air rushes out of my body as the weight of her life once again rests on my soul. I turn back to her, memorizing as much as I can about her—the way her soft arms wrap around her torso, the color of her eyes that match the emerald gemstone still in my pocket, and soft pink lips I never got to touch. Goodbye, my Maddy. I stand and find the strength to walk out the door and leave the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Author bio

 Laurie Wetzel has always had a passion for writing, but it wasn’t until a New Years Resolution in 2011 that she finally shared her lifelong dream of being an author with her husband. He read the very first draft of Unclaimed and gave her the words she needed to hear, “This is what you need to be doing.” Three years later the first book in the Unclaimed series was published with the second book expected to be out in 2015. Laurie lives in Mankato, MN, with her husband and two young sons. When she’s not writing, working, or spending time with her family, she’s either reading, running, or catching up on her favorite shows on Netflix. For updates on the Unclaimed series as well as other works in progress, feel free to check her out online!



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