Review: Raced by K. Bromberg

Publication Date: September 15, 2014
Series and Book Number: Driven Series #4
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:  

Colton Donavan lived life in the fast lane, but it took Rylee Thomas to teach him what racing was all about.


You think you know me?

Think again.

I was so excited when I heard K. Bromberg was putting out a book in Colton’s POV. I loved all whole Driven Series but I also wanted a taste of Colton. This book was so good. I liked how the author combined his one book with points from all 3 books and how she described the scenes at the beginning of the chapter and from which book it was from. Reading Raced in Colton’s POV really made me love Colton even more than I already did. We got to see how Colton struggled for his feelings for Rylee right from the beginning. I love how he always told himself he would say one thing and then when he was talking to Rylee it was always something completely opposite from what he planned. Sometimes I wanted to slap Colton and tell him to wake up and look at what was right in front of him. But after reading the other 3 books, I now understand why Colton was the way he was. I loved watching Colton fall in love with Rylee not even realizing she stole his heart. The wedding scene was beautiful and I loved every minute of this book! 


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