Trueblood Episode 2 Reaction



I thought it would be fun to chart my reactions throughout last nights TrueBlood Episode 2. I couldn't resist finding gifs to showcase them!

First scene before opener- what in the hell Jason???? Ummm didn't see that coming!!

Lettie Mae - what exactly are you up to? Same thing with the kidnapping vampires. Hmmmm....

Arlene may have an escape plan woohoo! But, I think Sam's girlfriend is going into labor! Uh oh!!! Sookie has turned into Nancy Drew!

Ahhhh there's the real Lettie Mae!

The return to Bellefleur's results in a surprising find and a call to arms

Arlene works the emotional backstory like a champ!

Detective Sookie and Andy search for clues and find a startling discovery!

Danika and Kenya make a stand! Yet, things always have a crazy way of turning.

Hmmm sookie has an interesting flash back memories

Craziness ensues

Last Scenes Summary of Reactions:


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