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Title: Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate Book One)

Author: Cristy Rey

Genre: Supernatural Suspense/ Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: March 11, 2014

After five years on the run, Sunday has finally settled into a seemingly normal life in Columbia, South Carolina. What her two best friends don’t know is that Sunday has a secret past. She is the Incarnate, a conduit of mystical energy transcendent of the mundane and the divine. For most of her life, she served under Bernadette, the most powerful witch in the Northwest. Her power is terrifying, and what she remembers of her past—and what she doesn’t—haunts her. In the year that she’s been attempting to be anything but the Incarnate, Sunday has fought her abilities tooth and nail, but it’s been worth it. When Sunday joins her friends’ coven for an innocent gathering, Sunday discovers a darkness hidden beneath the blanket of the coven’s magic and she is determined to find out who is behind it and what she has planned.

For the last four years, Cyrus has been the point man on the contract to recapture the Incarnate and deliver her to the Pastophori of Iset. A gifted tracker and a fearless werewolf, he harbors a wild, inexplicable passion for the Incarnate that has driven him to hunt her. He was one of the original captors that brought her to Bernadette when his obsession with her began. Having found her, Cyrus and his pack find themselves torn between two objectives: take her by force and deliver her to yet another group of fanatics, or help her uncover the traitor among her coven.

Taking Back Sunday follows Sunday, the Incarnate. Sunday’s ability makes her a living embodiment of a god as she is the body in which all powers can be drawn. . After years of torture and abuse masqueraded as training from her mentor Bernadette, Sunday has been on the move, never staying in one place too long and always looking over her shoulder. When she does finally settle in loosely plant roots, Sunday finds that she can live a somewhat normal life with her two best friends, her first friends in her entire life. Its not only when her troubled past comes marching into town.

Enter Cyrus, the werewolf, who not only played a part in her original retrieval, but is now her primary tracker since her escape. Cyrus has also had fits of rage in her presence and wants the duty of bringing her back to her master. But, this time is different for Cyrus, because as soon as he sets his eyes on her for the first time in many years, he knows what his deeply seeded hatred for her has really meant. He’ll now stop at nothing to protect her even when black magic strikes those close to her. He wants Sunday and if helping her solve this mysterious will bring her into his life, he’ll do it.

Taking Back Sunday is a fast-paced, thrilling urban fantasy series debut novel. This beautiful book pulled me in from the very first word and wouldn’t let me go until the last chapter was finished. Its unconventional twists and characters to the normal stories of the paranormal world are masterfully crafter.  Sunday’s character development rivals other UF novels. She’s portrayed at first as bratty runaway, but she grows into her role and powers to be used to save those she cares about. She wants and deserves normalcy in her troubled life. The cliffhanger ending to this novel left me not only in tears but enraged. I am GREATLY awaiting the next book in this marvelous new series!






Indie writer. Reader. Knitter. Short hair-enthusiast. Fairy godmother. Coffee-addict. Pet-parent. TV show marathoner. Ostrich-human hybrid.

Cristy Rey lives in Miami, FL. She is a reader and writer most of the time, and a knitter much less of the time than she was six months before she took up writing again.

Cristy writes the books that she likes to read. Her women are strong and out-spoken (most of the time), and her men run the gamut. Love stories abound in Cristy's work because, really, aren't love stories the best? Her stories also touch upon themes of identity, intimacy, family, and social issues. There's always a killer soundtrack running in the background of her novels - all you need to do is turn to the playlist to know what's up.

If you met Cristy, you’d probably tell her that she’s tall since people seem to think that she needs to become aware of said fact. She and her friends get together to drink tea, eat scones, and talk about Sherlock—they sometimes pretend they’re a book club but that’s just their excuse to get together



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