Review: Muse by Alexa Riley & Fiona Davenport

Publication Date: April 19th, 2019 

Series: Standalone 
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb:  Shelby Walsh is struggling to make ends meet. She spends her days doing singing telegrams for extra cash, but she never expected to be sent out to perform for the world’s most famous composer. And definitely not in a skimpy Greek goddess outfit. How is she supposed to keep it together when every part of her is screaming for him to take her?

Theo Hayes is a recluse. He just wants to be left alone to work on his next big movie score. He’s even grumpier than usual because he’s in a bit of a rut. But when his brother sends him a singing telegram for inspiration, he finds his muse and plans to never let her go. Keeping her for his very own is the only option.

Warning: We’ve teamed up with Fiona Davenport to give you an epic symphony for your lady business. What’s better than two authors working you over? How about four? If you want insta-love with all the safety and security of a happily ever after, then jump in bed with us. There’s room for more! 

Review: So, of course, I loved the AR duo, but now, they added in FD, too. I’m like a kid at Christmas with 4 authors bringing the heat, and believe me, this book is smoking!

Theo lives alone, and he spends majority of his time away from the world. Now, he’s in a rut, and he can’t produce any new music. That all changes the moment he lays eyes on Shelby. She is like a breath of fresh air and the inspiration he has been waiting for. Now, it’s time to make her his in every way possible.

Shelby and Theo are perfect together. When he meets her, it’s like a switch turned on. He found his muse and his happily ever after all in one. Shelby is so adorable and sweet, and of course, Theo is all alpha male through and through. He is so protective of her, and it’s so stinking cute how much he loves her. So glad this duo teamed up together, and I hope they do it again.


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