Book Review: The Initiation by Nikki Sloane

Review: The Initiation (Filthy Rich Americans #1) by Nikki Sloane
Publication Date: May 28, 2019
Series: 1
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:
No one knows how new members are selected to the board of Hale Banking and Holding. But there are rumors of a sordid rite of initiation.
Whispers how one woman and nine men disappear into a boardroom.
This time, that woman will be me.
The Hale family owns everything—the eighth largest bank in the world, everyone in our town, even the mortgage on my parents’ mansion. And now Royce Hale wants to own me.
He is charming. Seductive. Ruthless. But above all, he’s the prince of lies. My body may tighten with white-hot desire under his penetrating gaze, but I refuse to enjoy it.
I’ll make a deal with the devil to save my family and sell myself to the Hales. But Royce will never own my heart.

The Initiation by Nikki Sloane literally blew me away. Honestly, I’m still not sure what I read, or what to believe. This book has such a mind blowing story line/plot, and I’m still left wondering what really happened.
The thing is, this book is super good, so easy to fall in love with the characters, yet, is everything really what it seems? Between all the lies, betrayal, and manipulation, I’m not sure what to expect with the next book. I was so sucked into this one, but at the same time, I feel like I need to go back and reread it just to make sure I read what I think I did.
Now with any Nikki Sloane book you already know she puts her signature flare in there, and let me just say, I highly enjoyed it. There is one part that made me stop for a bit, but it didn’t pull me away from finishing it. I don’t know how Nikki does it, but with every book I’ve read from her, it keeps getting better and better.
I’m literally left speechless after The Initiation.
And I cannot wait for the next book!


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