Review: How to Live an Undead Lie by Hailey Edward

Publication Date: 12/11/2018
Series: The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy #5
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

When a fledgling vampire arrives at Woolworth House searching for his maker, Grier is forced to relive her time in Atramentous. Most of those years are as dark and empty in her memory as she was in her cell. She can't remember her progeny, or the night she resuscitated him, but she can protect him from the Society. As long as she's willing to barter with her grandfather to do it.

But Lacroix has plans of his own. He envisions the city--her city--under his rule, and Grier under his thumb. Now all he needs is the right leverage to force her cooperation, and he has just the person in mind. Grier is ready to trade her freedom until a grim truth is revealed that splits her heart in two. Yet another person she loves has betrayed her, and Grier is left agonizing over how much of their relationship is real and how much was a lie.

Dead. Just completely dead right now with this story. In a good way of course. 

Grier has…

a vampy  grandfather that wants to claim her.
a maternal family that wants nothing to do with her, but can’t seem to leave her alone.
an ex that is still in love with her despite being engaged.
a childhood friend and teacher  who is becoming more.

More secrets than Heinz has ketchup.

Remember that cup I mentioned running over? Girl must have an entire river out of its banks with this story. There is so much to this story that it would take days to write out all my feelings  about this epic addition to the series. Instead, I just want to briefly and quickly touch on the highlights.

Her grandfather. Dude is bad, bad business and has his sights firmly attached to his grand-daughter’s life. When she refuses him, the necromancy world goes up in smoke and in a hurry. 

Boaz. This guy needs a swift kick to the pants when he charges in to save the day and berate Grier for her romantic ties with Linus.  I give kudos to her for standing up to him and reminding him that he could have had that kind of life with her, albeit one not as grand as her life with Linus, had he made better decisions. Thought, I will admit his fiancé seems to be the kind of woman who won’t take crap off of him. Bully for her. 

Linus. Ahhhhhh. The best part of the entire series.  I can’t reveal just exactly where the turn in their relationship takes place or the major reveal at the end of the story, but I will say this. I FLIPPING LOVE IT.  

Now… where’s book #6? Because I need it. Like Grier needs Churros.


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