Review: How to Break an Undead Heart by Hailey Edwards

Publication Date: 3/31/2018

Series: The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy #3
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

Grier finally has the one thing she’s always wanted: Boaz Pritchard. Too bad her dream boyfriend is keeping her up nights, just not in a sweaty or fun way. Boaz has dialed down the Southern charm and stopped returning her calls. His job forces him to keep secrets, but his radio silence is cranking up her suspicions. He’s a shameless flirt, but he’s her shameless flirt… right? 

Soon an attack on Woolworth House leaves her with bigger problems than he loves me, he loves me not. Vampires are on the prowl, and they aren’t the only predators circling. A new threat has emerged, one with blood rights to Grier. With enemies closing in on all sides, she must choose her allies, and the decision could make or break her… and her heart. 

Sweet zombie Jesus. This book. No words. Like none. Nada. Zip.

How to Break an Undead Heart not only is a fitting title for this book, but an apt description of just how I felt after finishing it.  My heart aches for Grier and the shattered remains of her heart after a huge plot twist that left me reeling. It’s bad enough that her best friend was a source of huge pain in the second book, but now this? Had I  been Grier, I’d have probably locked myself inside of Woolly and become a recluse. I mean, hasn’t she gone through enough? I’m talking to you, Hailey.

Now… Grier’s heart aside. Good riddance to the source of her broken heart. As I mentioned in my review of the Undead Life, there was something about this character that rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was his insistence to throw himself back into her life after her release or that he thought she was crumble at his feet, but now, he’s not longer her problem.  And, yes, it was heartbreaking to hear his revelation, but at the same time, a part of me was screaming for joy. A little sadistic? Maybe, but he was never going to make her happy. And now he too will be unhappy for choosing family over here. But.. that does leave a chance for someone else to come full circle in her life. A certain someone who’s character development went through the roof as did my love for him. YAY! Happy dance!

Okay.. enough dancing, and back to the story.  Grier’s parentage has been mentioned quite a few times with speculation as to why her powers are so different from other necromancers. And in this book, we find out a little more regarding her mother’s side of the family. The secrets run deep and aplenty. Though this story did see a lot of action, I feel that it was more about developing Linus’s character and seeing a side of him that we haven’t been able to see yet.  It was great, and when the explosive ending came, made so much sense.

Now… will a certain man mend her broken heart in the next book? Can’t wait to find out!


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