Review: Twice Bitten by Alexa Riley

Publication Date: 

Series: Virgin Blood #3
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: Dove Wheeler doesn’t have many friends. The only one she ever got close to left her to go live with a vampire. Even thinking the word gives her chills, but in the best way possible. She spends hours in the library researching who they are and where they come from, until she can’t stand it any longer and goes looking for them on her own. What she doesn’t expect is to find two of them, a set of twins, that turn her world upside down.

Once Ezra and Erik Marcellus were changed to vampires, they tried to put everything in their past behind them and start fresh. They love their new family and everything about their new lives, but there’s always the worry that one day they will have to separate. Vampires don’t share their mates, so why does it feel like that’s exactly what they want? When they find a young woman snooping around, suddenly all of their fears come true. They’re both ready to lay their claim, but they’re not prepared for which one she’ll choose. 

Review: So, you guessed it! After reading the first two, I had to go into three immediately. I actually waited, until all the books were out, before I decided to read them all, and I’m so glad I did, because I devoured them back to back to back.

When I first met Dove in book one, I actually thought she was going to end up with someone else, and I was definitely in for a huge surprise, when I found out that not one, but two vampires had their sights set on her. Ezra and Erik do everything together. They are so in sync with each other, so why wouldn’t they be able to share mates? Once they both set their sights on Dove, they know she is the one, but will she choose to be mated to two vampires for the rest of her life?

I loved this one so much. I adored the connection between Dove, Ezra, and Erik. They are both so overreactive of her, and they are both equally in love. I was a little nervous at first, but it shouldn’t surprise me that the queens pulled it off once again. Now, I’m ready for the final one!!


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