Review: The King’s Innocent Bride by Alexa Riley

Publication Date: May 10th, 2018
Series: Royal Wedding #3
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: Kate was forced to live with her uncle when she was little and was kept locked away. Then one night she found out her uncle was going to use her as collateral in a bet, and she knew she had to break free. But when she did, she never imagined she’d run straight into trouble with the king. 

James is ruler of all that’s around him, and he has to keep the peace in his kingdom. When a trespasser is brought before him, he isn’t prepared for what happens next. He’s ready to stake his claim and take what he wants. He’s the king, after all. 

Warning: This obsessive ruler is just what the palace ordered! Grab your tiara and get ready to celebrate the Royal Wedding with some fluffy, fun insta-love.

Review: So, I realized that somehow, I missed this sweet little novella by AR, and I had to one-click right away.

Kate is on the run from her uncle, but she’s quickly caught, and then brought to the king. She doesn’t want to go to jail, but it would be much better than what she is living in. Once James sets his sights on her, the game changes and all bets are off. He will have her one way or another, and Kate is more than ready for her happily ever after.

Once again, this is a cute, steamy, insta-love AR special, and I couldn’t get enough. Kate is super sweet and innocent, and she brings out James’s alpha side that he never knew existed. I love the cute little batter between then, and of course, the chemistry is off the charts.


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