Review: The BEARly Controlled Grizzly by Jenika Snow

Publication Date: November 15th, 2018 
Series: Bear Clan #1
Rating: 4 Stars 

Official Blurb: That first time I saw her—my mate—I’d been ready to kick some guy’s ass for even looking at her. I made no apologies for my possessive, territorial side. I was a grizzly bear shifter, after all. It was my nature to be over the top.

Bethany hadn’t known what to do at first—being mated to a shifter—one who was grouchy and burly and made no apologies for how rugged he really was.
But she wanted me, my sweet little human mate, who could have brought a beast like me to my knees with just a look.

I’d wanted nothing more than to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my lair like a caveman. But I let her take the lead, even if my bear wasn’t happy, even if the alpha in me wanted to have my way with her right then and there.

And I would have my way with her. All the ways that counted, in fact. I’d claim her, mark her, and before it was all said and done, there’d be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bethany was owned by a grizzly.

Warning: Holy moly, this hero’s crazy for his mate, but who wouldn’t want one OTT alpha bear shifter obsessed with you? This story is sweet and sexy, and oh so very filthy. Of course,you get a happily ever after … and a little somethin’-somethin’at the end to wrap it up nicely.

Review: I love a good shifter romance, and this one is adorable with just the right amount of sweetness mixed in with lots of chemistry and insta-love.

Zackari and his brothers have been waiting on what feels like forever to find their mates. The one person in the whole entire world that can make their life complete. The brothers all are what most would calls loners, living away from town and only going when they have too. During a rare night of relaxation in the local bar, Zackari finally finds the one he’s been waiting on. He wants to take her right then and there, but instead, he lets her take the lead. Although that may be the case, he won’t wait for long, so she better make her decision fast, before he makes it for her.

Bethany is completely thrown for a loop the first time she meets Zackari. She knows what he is and knows exactly what she is too him, but she refuses to believe it. Instead, she tries her best to fight against the pull, but in the end, her emotions, desires, and true calling to be mated to a grizzly are taking over. It’s time to make a choice, but which one will she choose?

This is such a cute, quick little read. Zackari is over-the-top, possessive, and definitely an alpha through and through. One thing is for sure, he adores the ground Bethany walks on, and their passion and chemistry heat up the pages. I can’t wait until the next brother’s book.


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