Blog Tour: Black Light: Suspicion by Measha Stone

Sophie Nelson knows her kinky interests are no more than fantasy, definitely not something that'll ever happen in the real world. So the sexual playground Black Light is the best place to turn. A safe place to play. Until Scott.

Detective Scott Russo knows better than to get sexually involved with his partner. Mixing business with pleasure never ends well, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. He can't avoid the temptation of giving Sophie exactly what she needs, even if that means a firm hand.

While Sophie and Scott find themselves mired in a high-stakes investigation, their off-duty kinky explorations intensify. With danger at the door, and complications that threaten to tear them apart, can they survive the tug of war.

“You ran off, but I don’t think it had everything to do with work. We’ve had witnesses sitting and waiting on us, and you’ve never hightailed it like that before.” He gripped his mug. “Did you regret what happened? Were you maybe grateful for the reason to escape so quickly?”

“No.” She let go of her cup and flattened her hands on the table, like she needed the stabilization. “Did you?”
He laughed. “Regret spanking your delicious ass and then taking your body on my couch? Uh. No. No regrets from me.” He continued when it didn’t seem like she was going to speak. “Why would I regret it? I mean, maybe we should have gone a little slower, but no, Sophie, I do not regret anything last night. Except that I didn’t stop you from running out.”
“We had work,” she argued again, but her eyes didn’t quite meet his, and her fingers curled on the tabletop.
“Gonna call bullshit on that, and if you lie to me one more time, you’re going to experience your first punishment spanking. Seeing as we have a really long day ahead of us, you’re going to want to avoid that this morning.”
She sucked in her bottom lip and turned away.
“Sophie, this doesn’t work if you can’t be honest with me. If you hide shit and run off, then this breaks down. So, if you don’t think you can engage in honest communication with me, then we have to stop now, before one of us gets hurt.” Namely him, because he was already starting to fall for her. He’d been falling for her since meeting her, and after seeing her desire to be submissive, and experiencing how naturally she fell into that role it would only be a matter of time before he sank too deeply into her.
She stared at him silently as a soft blush deepened and rose to the tips of her ears. “You’re right.” After pushing the coffee away from her, she rubbed her temples. “I’m just not used to a guy being the one to talk about honesty and communication.”

“I’m not like most guys.”

Measha Stone is an international bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, and suspense. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children, who are just as creative and crazy as her. Her vanilla writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, but she’s found her passion in erotic romance. She loves reading it, writing it, and living it whenever possible.


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