Review: Pretty Girl by Alexa Riley

Publication Date: June 4th, 2018 

Series: Standalone
Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Official Blurb: Mila has been modeling her whole life. Discovered when she was young, she has spent her life in the spotlight. Fame brings both good and bad, but she never expected it to bring danger. When she has to hire a bodyguard she’s surprised by how much she wants his protection. 

After an accident in the FBI that left Jax scarred, he decided to retire on his ranch in Colorado and finally have some peace and quiet. But when his buddy calls up and needs a favor, Jax can’t turn him down. Being a bodyguard wasn’t on his radar...until he laid eyes on her. 

Warning: It’s easy to guard a body when all you wanna do is rub up against it. This alpha hero is ready to protect what’s his, but that won’t include birth control! Jump in this sticky-sweet romance with a heaping pile of sassy steam.

Review: Once again, the duo does it. When it comes to a short, sweet, and insta-love romances, these two nail it every single time, and I just can’t get enough.

Mila has lived in the spotlight for years, but now it’s brought danger into her life. When she gets a new bodyguard, he literally turns her whole world upside down. Jax knows Mila is it for him, and he will do anything and everything to protect her. This book is short and sweet, but it’s filled with so much beautiful passion, and of course, some downright dirty fun. Jax and Mila will steal your heart.


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