Review: Wilder by LeAnn Ashers

Publication Date: March 8th, 2018 

Series: Grim Sinners MC #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: Joslyn

My life was an absolute mess, and it was slowly killing me.
Dismay and anguish defined my everyday life.

Until Wilder.

He became what I’d never known I craved.
He was my world, my best friend.

For once…I was happy.
Until it all started crashing down around us.


From the moment I’d met Joslyn, she’d been my everything.

I’d never expected to have her in my life, but she was finally mine.
There was no way I was going to lose her.

I would lay down my life to keep her safe.

My MC has been my life. Danger has never been uncommon.
I was made for this lifestyle, but now Joslyn’s in danger too.

They’ve messed with the wrong MC, and now we are coming for them…
May they rest in pieces.

Game on. 

Review: I don’t know how I came across this series, but I’m so glad I did. I enjoyed the first book, but this one… oohhhh it takes the cake!

Jocelyn is on the run from a horrible past she is trying to leave behind. Her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother are absolutely crazy and some of the worst people ever. She is a very soft-spoken person, which is why she needs Wilder. He is one of the sweetest, sexiest, and most dominant alpha males I have read about in a long time. He wants to do everything to protect, and he will no matter what.

I really adored these two! They were so perfect for each other. I also love the fact that Wilder wasn’t a womanizer, and he is just the sweetest thing. I honestly can’t wait for the next book!


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