Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur

Publication Date: May 9th, 2017 

Series: Lizzie Grace #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: In a world where magic and science sit side by side, and powerful witches are considered necessary aides for all governments, Lizzie Grace is something of an outlier. Though born into one the most powerful blue blood witch families, she wants nothing to do with either her past or her magic.

But when she and Belle, her human familiar and best friend, open a small cafe in the Faelan werewolf reservation, she quickly finds herself enmeshed in the hunt for a vampire intent on wreaking bloody havoc. It’s a hunt that soon becomes personal, and one that is going to take all her skills to survive–that’s if the werewolves, who hate all things witch, don’t get her first.

Review: I don’t read this genre very often, but this book really sucked me in. I couldn’t put it down!

Lizzie and her familiar Belle end up on a werewolf reservation. Everything is good at first, until it isn’t. Now, Lizzie and Belle find themselves in the middle of some trouble, and of course, the local werewolf Aiden isn’t their biggest fan. The more trouble that comes the more Aiden realizes he needs Lizzie. Their relationship slowly starts to change, but there are too many other things at stake right now.

I really loved how this book focused on Lizzie and Belle. There is an attraction too Aiden, but it’s a slow building romance. Only at the end, do we see more of these two lovebirds, but I have a feeling book 2 will be full blast of their relationship (at least I hope!) I also have a feeling little Miss Lizzie is a lot more powerful than she realizes. Can’t wait to read the next one.

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