Saturday, March 3, 2018

Review: A Merciful Secret (Mercy Kilpatrick #3) by Kendra Elliot

Publication Date: January 16th, 2018
Series: 3
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:
A pair of ritual murders could expose Mercy Kilpatrick to something terrifying: her own past…
Raised off the grid by survivalists, Mercy Kilpatrick believed in no greater safeguard than the backwoods of Oregon. Unforgiven by her father for abandoning the fold for the FBI, Mercy still holds to her past convictions. They’re in her blood. They’re her secrets—as guarded as her private survival retreat hidden away in the foothills.
In a cabin near her hideaway, Mercy encounters a young girl whose grandmother is dying from multiple knife wounds. Hundreds of miles away, a body is discovered slashed to death in a similar way. The victims—a city judge and an old woman living in the woods—couldn’t be more different. With the help of police chief Truman Daly, Mercy must find the killer before the body count rises. Mercy knows that the past has an edge on her. So does her family. How can she keep her secrets now…when they’re the only things that can save her?

Kendra Elliot has outdone herself with A Merciful Secret. From the second I started, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put this one down. Kendra Elliot has nailed it every time for me with mystery and suspense, and this one was no different. I had no idea what was going to happen until it did, and the surprises just kept coming.
I also love the prepper mindset of Mercy to be so fascinating. It definitely adds more to the storyline, and it seems with each book in this series, it gets better and better. Kendra Elliot just has a way of pulling me in and making it seem as though I’m literally experiencing everything that’s going on in the book.

I highly recommend checking this one out, and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

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