Review: Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent

Publication Date:  2-13-2017
Series: Wildcats #2
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

Robyn Sheffield wants her life back.

As the only female stray in the US, she's had to deal with bloodlust, flashbacks, a lack of impulse control (which might not have anything to do with being a shifter), and weeks under house arrest for crimes she never meant to commit. But when she overhears the territorial council plotting to marry her off to an eligible tom? It's time for this chick to fly the coop.

Titus Alexander wants recognition.

He’s spent the past year carving his territory out of the Mississippi free zone, forming a community for strays exiled and forgotten by the US Prides. As the first stray Alpha, he’s sworn to bring the toms under his authority the rights, support, and respect that official confirmation from the council will bring. But then the council’s precious female stray sneaks into the free zone in the back of his car and demands sanctuary.

The council gives Titus a choice: send Robyn back and have his Pride acknowledged, or prepare for war. Citizenship for his men is within his grasp. So why is it so hard for him to let one rebellious tabby go? 

 The shifter series was one of the very first paranormal book series’ that I read back to back without stopping.   So it’s a no-brainer that the Wildcats series would be on my reading list as well.  I was shocked to find out the second book of the series had released and still to this day do not know how I missed its announcement, but devoured every single word in one sitting.  Vincent is known for creating complex, paranormal characters in an ever-challenging male dominated world.  Blind Tiger is no exception. 

Robyn’s infection and turn was a rare occurrence in the Pride world because she should have never survived it.  Natural-born female shifters are rare, but in Robyn’s case, she’s the only one of her kind, a turned female human shifter.  She’s unique and uniqueness in her world is both a punishment and a prize.  Robyn’s survival could hold the key to bringing new women into the Pride folds, but it also makes her a valuable asset.  Under the guise of being “trained” for her punishments after first turning, she lives a life under a microscope.  She craves freedom, and when that chance arrives in the form of a stray seeking to establish his own territory, well, she pounces on the chance. 

From the moment that Titus and Robyn collide, the sparks flew. As the rest of the story unfolds, readers are left on the edge of their seat to see what happens with these two strays in a world where order and rules compel them all to obey.  The moments we are given with Jace, Faythe, and Marc left me wishfully missing the first time I read the Pride books, but reminded me why I loved those characters so much.

I am excited to know that this series is continuing, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.   


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