Review: Midnight Rain (Amour Toxique #3) by Dori Lavelle

Publication Date: March 31st, 2017
Series: 3
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:
*This is the final book in the Amour Toxique serial. It should be read after books 1 and 2.*

Something went wrong…or maybe right. I can't decide.
The devil before me is several shades darker than the one I knew not long ago.
When I look into his monster eyes, I’m afraid to blink. I’m afraid to breathe. I’m afraid to give him what he wants. He wants me. He wants me alive, and he wants me dead.
The name of the game is revenge.

**PLEASE READ: This book contains dark themes, including violence of a sexual and physical nature that could trigger emotional distress in readers.**

I want to start this review by saying if you haven’t read the first two books in this series, you should stop and do so. This series cannot be read out of order so I would recommend starting from the beginning.
Onto the review.
Midnight Rain … Oh boy, I really don’t know how to explain all the emotions I went through with this one. This review is going to be hard to get into words because for one, I don’t want to ruin anything, and two I don’t do spoilers. Let’s just say, Dori Lavelle has the shock affect down to a T.
I seriously was not expecting that twist and wow. I just … wow.
But I liked that wonderful and unexpected twist because suddenly, the entire series came together and I had that ah-ha moment. This is still a dark read, so take that in mind if you give this series a chance, but holy crap. Ivy really does come out of herself in this one. I learned she’s a fighter even when it seemed like everything was going to come to an end. I was kind of scared things wouldn’t go the way I thought, and they didn’t, but … well you’ll just have to read it and see. There’s a lot more action in this one too which I liked and trust me when I say, those twists! Gah! I loved them.
Overall, I highly enjoyed this last book in the series and I’m sort of sad to see it end. And if you love a great dark read, I would recommend checking this series out.


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