Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: Sexy Six by Ahren Sanders

Publication Date: 2/26/2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

They call me Sexy Six 

Cocky? Absof*ckinglutely
Sexy? That’s what they say
Unstoppable? You bet your ass

NFL Golden boy, Super Bowl MVP, and the league’s hottest player—on and off the field. To most, I’m a celebrity, with the records to prove it.

Fame, fortune, family… I’ve got it all.

Except Grace Monroe. 

Two years ago, Grace turned my world upside down with just one look. I didn’t stand a chance against the shy, southern beauty with the radiant violet eyes. Our intense connection was unlike any force I’ve ever faced. Then she disappeared, without a word, leaving me with nothing but questions, a handful of memories, and a lifetime of what-ifs.

Now she’s back, and so much more than the girl I once knew. Stunning, successful, and sexy as sin, she’s my fantasy come true.

One taste, one touch, one moan, and I’m addicted.

Grace is the game changer I never saw coming. Everything I’ve ever wanted is finally within reach.

Suddenly, I’m playing the most important game of my life… a game where losing isn’t an option.

Because this time… winning means forever.

An another story in the Bennett Brothers world? YES, PLEASE!

After falling in love and heart ache with Hotshot that Ms. Sanders had me at ARC even as much as I cried while reading it.  It gave me a rare case of the feels.


Sexy Six is just that. I devoured this second chance romance book.  Where Hotshot had angst, Sexy Six had action. Well, it honestly had everything except Sasha, but I digress.  Nick and Grace’s story is filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens.  The chemistry between these two characters are off the charts and you can’t help, but fall in love with them.  Grace’s grandfather is a hoot, and the humor between the characters just sucked me in more.  I will say Shaw and Bizzy fans will get their lips wet on seeing their favorite couple again.

Sanders has a gift for writing complex characters in an even more complex world.  She sucks you in from the first page and leaves you with such a book hangover that you want to re-read it immediately. That being said, when do I get Mathis and Claire,  because, well, I need it now. 

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