Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review: DELUDE by Jacob Chance

Publication Date: February 28, 2017
Series: 1
Rating: 4 stars

Official Blurb:
She wasn’t part of my original plan for revenge, but one glance at her and I was entranced. I followed her for weeks, observing her habits. I’ve been in her apartment numerous times, learning anything and everything I can about her. She’s become an obsession and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.
It’s only a matter of time before I have her where I want her...
on her knees and at my mercy.
Soon, there will be no secrets between us.

When Jacob first announced he was doing a book on the one character I found the most interesting, I was very intrigued. I think I was more interested to see how Jacob would go with it, and mainly, how Delude would turn out. But before I get into that, I recommend if you haven’t read Jacob’s previous books (Quake, Quiver, Delve, and Tied) you might not get the full effect of Zack. Delude is written as a standalone, but I think since I started from the beginning, I had a whole new set of eyes on Zack. He’s just that character that you love to hate. He has some deep seated problems and it really shows throughout Jacob’s previous books. And I’ll admit, some characters are just not redeemable. But how does one decide that? I’m actually still on the fence about that for a few different reasons.
In Jacob’s previous works, Zack is not who everyone thinks he is and he’s done some awful things. I get everyone has a past, but then again, I felt Zack’s wasn’t explain enough to justify his actions. I only got bits and pieces of information, and I wanted a bit more. I felt Zack’s past and what made him who he is, was just brushed on. Yes, there’s a couple of flashbacks, but it’s only of his childhood and teenage years. I wanted to see more I guess. What happened in his younger adult years? Was he normal? Those are the questions I’m still asking myself. Not to mention, I felt as if Zack’s character did a one-eighty in the blink of an eye. All the qualities I liked about him (cause let’s face it, I’m a sucker for the dark and broken ones) changed into something I didn’t really expect. With Lana, she’s different … I went back and forth with liking her, then not liking her a lot. Some things I didn’t really understand why she did them, and why she was still so stuck in her past. I think it’s more because of the time-line with that. Maybe it should’ve been a bit longer for her because Lana was living in her past and I felt it hurt her development. Not to mention there was one part that I had to re-read (I won’t say cause it’s a spoiler) because I didn’t get why she suddenly had that “ah-ha” moment.

The ending to me was very rushed and when it was over, I was sort of disappointed. I’m not saying this book was bad, because it wasn’t, it just needed a bit more. Or maybe I expected too much. Either way, I still enjoyed reading it as I’ve liked all of Jacob’s previous books. And I would still recommend reading it because maybe this wasn’t the one for me. I also think perhaps Jacob ended this one the way he did for a reason? Because, to me, it’s left opened for something else to happen…

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