Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Trouble with the Curve by Felicia Lynn

Publication Date: February 7, 2017

Series: Learning Curve #2
Rating:  4.5 Stars 

Official Blurb: Trouble with the Curve 

Happiness is bliss, but the same can be said for ignorance.

Blissfully happy, Tyler and Charlotte are starting their life together. They deserve every second of joy, having finally earned the right to have peace at home. But life isn't about what's deserved, and achieving goals sometimes creates a division. 

Tyler masters the game on the diamond, but in the game of hearts, he's a rookie. With her already fragile heart, can Charlotte hold on when life throws the next curveball? Not everyone can be on the winning team, but is losing an option? 

Hearts are on the line, and that's the trouble with the learning curve for love.

Review: I am so happy we finally get the follow up story of Tyler and Charlotte. After book 1, I felt like they needed a good solid HEA and things to actually go their way, and this book definitely did not disappoint.

Tyler and Charlotte are starting their journey together, but not everything is going according to plan. Although they have overcome so much, there are still a few obstacles along the way. Of course there is some drama from time to time along the way, but mostly this book is focused on the love and relationship between Tyler and Charlotte. Tyler upped his game in this book and made me swoon quite a few times. There are so parts that are absolutely adorable and will melt your heart. I also LOVED the ending so much!

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