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Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn Publication Date: January 16th, 2017 Publisher: Carina Press Genre: Contemporary Romance


Dominate Me, a sexy new STANDALONE from Stacey Lynn is now LIVE!!!

Welcome to Luminous: where your pleasure is our purpose. Fan-favorite author Stacey Lynn tantalizes readers with a sensual new series.
The first time I felt Master Jensen's presence beside me, I knew he would be the one to show me all the kinky pleasures of Luminous.
That I would give my body to him. Begin my journey to sexual freedom at his feet.
But when I dared raise my eyes to his, I saw he would get a part of me no man had had before: my trust.
From the instant I saw her blush, I was captivated.
There was power in her innocence—a power I quickly controlled.
Every moan, every cry, every new awakening was mine. I pushed her boundaries and watched her sexual confidence grow…knowing that in the end, I would have to let her go.
I know the price of love and I'm not willing to pay it.
I dominated her body and she enthralled my heart. But I have to walk away before I ruin the one I love.



“Master Dylan, I believe you wanted to introduce me to this lovely woman.” The shudder returned, and I was able to fight it back marginally. I didn’t take my eyes off Master Dylan’s victorious expression as his smile grew cocky. “Get lost on the way here?” A rough growl came from the man at the edge of the table. “It’s been a while, forgot the way.” Master Dylan winked at him before turning to me. I hadn’t yet had the guts to see the man he’d apparently hand-picked for me. “Haley—” He was cut off by the man at my side. “My name’s Jensen. You can call me Sir.” Forcing myself to continue breathing, I turned toward the man whose voice sounded a mixture of sensual anger and irritation along with a heavy dose of lust. I shifted in the booth and dragged my eyes up his holy-incredible-defined body. Dark blue jeans, perfectly fitted at the thighs and thick at the crotch, a heavy leather black belt around a trim waist and then the dips and curves of a black shirt that covered his abdomen and the curves of his chest. I caught sight of well-shaved stubble, pink lips that had two perfect points on the top, and a slightly crooked but Romanian nose. His brows pulled so tightly together , his shoulders pulled back so tight and his stiff shoulders , all gave hints at his irritation, but it was his eyes that drew me in. Swirling pools of the deepest blue, darker than the blue sapphire ring I’d always worn on my right ring finger, threatened to undo me. They spoke a story I wanted to instantly unravel. My chest tightened. My God, he was sexy. So completely out of my league. I glanced at Dylan and he nodded at me. Suggesting I talk to this man? I couldn’t form words to do so. I looked back at Jensen. His scowl deepened as he asked, “Are you going to say hello?”One brow arched. Across the table from me, Master Dylan coughed. It broke whatever spell I’d been pulled into and I looked away from Jensen, recognizing my mistake. “Sorry, sir,”I instantly said. Amazing how inherent that one word had become. “My apologies, I’m Haley.” I slid my palm against his and his fingers wrapped around my hand, gripping me firmly. Sparks of a freshly stoked fire poured through my body at the smallest contact. I flinched in his grasp, shocked at my reaction, but he tightened his hold. Then he tugged me forward, pulling me to my feet until I was in front of him. “I am not a Master, and you may look me in the eye whenever we are speaking, unless I agree to train you and we are in a scene. Do you understand?” I continued staring at his hand wrapped around mine. He’d pulled me so easily to standing position. Air around us crackled with tension. It felt like a thousand eyes were trained in our direction yet I couldn’t look at anyone. I also couldn’t lift my gaze to his even though he’d implied I should. My breath sped up, chasing the thunderous racing of my heart inside my chest. “Haley,”Jensen warned. “Look at me.” He’d commanded. I wanted to listen. He knew I was new to this. If Master Dylan thought this man was perfect for me, he would have shared my knowledge and my willingness. It was difficult, but I obeyed. “It’s nice to meet you, sir.”I was parched, and I desperately wanted to reach for my champagne glass, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the man in front of me. I couldn’t remove my hand from his. A similar emotion flashed through Jensen’s eyes as his gaze wandered down my body. I didn’t consider myself overly beautiful, yet I had never lacked confidence, either. Except for the few years when I’d tried pitifully to fix a marriage that never should have happened and my confidence took a hit from that, I had parents who lavished their love on me. I had enough boys and men show enough attention to me that I knew I was physically attractive. Jensen seemed to be searching beyond the physical, beyond the tight, short black dress that showed off toned thighs and calves from years of yoga and running. I could have stood there for years and let him simply gaze upon me. Every area of my body that his eyes grazed over awakened. My chest grew heavy. A thick throbbing began at the tops of my thighs. Wetness flowed into my underwear. Beneath the flimsy lace bra and satiny top of my dress, my nipples hardened. “I’d like to take you on a tour of the place,”Jensen said, his grip around my hand flinching for a moment. I nodded my agreement, but he stood still, slowly arching a brow. I cleared my throat and answered. “Okay. Yes, that’d be great.” His lips that had pulled tight quirked at one corner. “Yes, what?” Oh. Right. “Sir. Yes, sir. I would like a tour, sir.” an

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Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn literally blew me away. Erotic romance have always been my favorite and Stacey did not disappoint. This was my first book by Stacey, and I already know it won’t be my last.
I won’t lie and say I wasn’t apprehensive when I first started Dominate Me because I was. With so many books about BDSM coming out, I worried it would be the same as some others I’ve read. But, a huge but here, Dominate Me was nothing like I expected. For starters, page one gave me all I needed. I knew instantly I would enjoy this book, so I continued to read on. By the second chapter, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down. Stacey Lynn has a way with words, and one that I literally devoured in a matter of hours. I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to.
Haley and Jensen are two very different characters, but also so much alike. While Jensen is a Dom and Haley a sub, they each have a past that they’re both trying to overcome. They’ve both been hurt and I can’t blame them for being careful and safe. I really loved how Haley found the courage to step out of her shell and discover what she truly wanted with her sexuality. I found her character very mature for one, and she was very easy to relate to. I actually admired her and her strength throughout this book, and it seemed at every turn, she nailed it. With Jensen, I really loved him too. It was easy really especially with the dual POV. I understood why Jensen was so afraid to get back into the Dom life, and he was exceptionally good at it. But not only that, Jensen really showed so much character development and that only made me like him more. When Haley and Jensen are together, you need to be ready. I’m talking about fireworks, a new pair of panties, and possibly a glass of wine after you read how hot they are. But the main thing I loved about Dominate Me was the fact is wasn’t all about sex. Yes, there’s sex obviously, but it wasn’t just about the sex with them. It was way more than that, and to me, that made this book amazing.
Overall, I’m very glad I gave this book a chance. I’ve found a new author and I’m definitely interested to see how the rest of the books in this trilogy go. I highly recommend checking this one out. It’s definitely one I’ll be rereading.

About the Author

Stacey Lynn currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and four children. When she’s not conquering mountains of laundry and fighting a war against dust bunnies and cracker crumbs, you can find her playing with her children, curled up on the couch with a good book, or on the boat with her family enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful, yet too short, summer. She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library. staceylynnauthorpic

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