Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review: Always Wanting by Alex Grayson

Publication Date: 12/2/2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

My name is Abigail Summers, and I’m addicted to sex. Yes, you read right. I’m a woman that craves… no, needs to have a man take my body on a daily basis. If I don’t have sex at least once a day, my body shakes from withdrawals, my stomach cramps with unbearable pain, my sexually hazed mind goes haywire, and I become extremely irritable and a major bitch. This isn’t a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself. It’s a struggle I deal with every single day.

I don’t do relationships, because what man wants to be stuck knowing his girl may be out f*cking some random guy if he’s not available? You may think this is something that I can control, but I say screw you; you’ve never been in my shoes before.

The cravings may be something I can’t control, but I’ve learned to embrace them. I’ve tried the sexual addiction support groups. I’ve tried curbing my appetites. I’ve been shunned, criticized, ridiculed, and called every nasty name under the sun. Well, I say f*ck all you judgmental assholes. I’ll have sex with who I want, when I want, where I want. Embarrassment? That’s a thing of the past. This is my life now, and those that don’t like it can go straight to hell.

But then he came along and screwed everything up. Colt Maverick. For once in my life, I want more, crave more from one guy. A guy that’s sweet and doesn’t match my hard interior. A guy that looks at me like he wants to eat me alive and claim me as his own. A guy that will most definitely not be okay with my addiction. A guy that I want over and over again, not because my body demands it, but because I demand it.

I now have a new addiction. But will he be enough to satisfy my uncontrollable desires?


First off…. DIBS! DIBS! DIBS! DIBS! on Colt. MINE! (It is now in print and has to be true because well, the rules of the internet say so.”

Anyway…. Always Wanting left me wanting more and more of this sinfully, sexy story about sex addiction.  Abby’s plight really shocked me because while I had heard about sex addiction, I had never truly understood what it was like for the person inflicted with it.  I’ll wholeheartedly admit that I even did some Google researching after finishing this book because well, I was intrigued.  Abby really struck me as a woman with a dark past who had finally gotten  her life in order and her disease managed with the help of her friends. If it were only that simple, like all of us who think we have it all settled, life stormed in and destroyed her happy balance.  That particular force for Abby was Colt. 

As you can probably tell from the shouty capitals above, I really, REALLY, liked Colt’s character.  He screamed alpha male from the first introduction, and damn, was he ever.  I don’t think I have ever had a reaction to a book husband (that’s right, I escalated that title) quite so quickly. He was commanding yet understanding of Abby’s situation, where most men would have had a quickie screw and scram when faced with her infliction.

If I had to summarize this story, I would simply have to say….Hottest. Book. Boyfriend. EVER and Give me more, Grayson!

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