Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Unwanted by Jennifer Estep

Publication Date: 7/18/2016

Series:  Elemental Assassin #14.5
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb: 

The New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin series continues with a new e-novella--from the point of view of Finnegan Lane, the foster brother of Gin Blanco, and a fan favorite of readers of the series.

The fallout from his disastrous “family reunion” in Bitter Bitehas left Finn feeling hurt, angry, and depressed. He can barely stand to look at himself in the mirror, much less eat any of the delicious barbecue from Gin’s famed Pork Pit restaurant.

But when the funeral for a slain security guard at his bank turns into a showdown with some nasty underworld giants, Finn knows that he must act in order to protect an innocent family.

Finnegan Lane might be the most unwanted man in Ashland these days, but he’s determined to try to make amends for his past mistakes...

I have never been so happy for a novella in my life.  Unwanted follows Finn after the events of Bitter Bite which focused on his relationship with his newly resurrected mother.  As Bitter Bite closed, I honestly wondered how our dear Finnegan Lane fared. Surprisingly enough, my suspicious were correct.   Finn is facing almost so many hardships as the dust settles from his mother’s betrayal and the murder of one of his colleagues.  He faces the guilt each and every day.  His co-workers treat him as a persona non grata and it only continues his internal suffering.

For the first time, Estep has given us glimpse into Finn’s head and I’ll go so far to say that is a dark place in this time in his life.  Finn would give anything to bring back his colleague, but when he’s given the chance to aid his family, he doesn’t hesitate.  Unwanted showcases just how well Finn’s father trained him.  Gin may be pretty BA, but Finn can hold his own in a fight. 

Unwanted brings with it what could be the foreshadowing of the end to this series.  I know I had said that for a few books now, but I can’t help that I feel Gin’s story is soon wrapping up.  The Elemental Assassin series is by far one of my favorite and if this the end is near, I will be sad to see it go. 

Now, my countdown until Unraveled begins… Is it August yet?

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