Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Release Blitz: Love's Learning Curve by Felicia Lynn

Love’s Learning Curve Synopsis:
College for most girls comes with a rite of passage to make mistakes, to live fearlessly, and to experience the real world while not under a microscope, having every move made scrutinized, criticized and worst of all, publicized. As the only child of the governor of South Carolina, and potential US Presidential candidate, Charlotte Maryland Baker is not granted the luxury of the typical college experience. 
Tyler Stone lives for baseball and everything that comes with it, and has the stats to prove he’s an exceptional player. The only place Tyler Stone feels he matters is on the pitching mound. Without the distraction of dating, or making friends he can concentrate on the one thing that makes him feel complete – Baseball.
Opposites attract, so they say, but what WILL happen when these two opposites collide.

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*~*~*~ 5 Stars *~*~*~* 

This is such a sweet story. Tyler and Charlotte are both adorable. They are total opposites but together they are perfection. Both have things holding them back, but is it enough to keep them apart forever?

Charlotte is the good girl. She lives to make her parents proud. She doesn’t socialize, drink, party, or do anything that doesn’t involve her studies. She does all this stuff just for her parents, which is never enough. They control her life and know her every move. Her life is boring and uneventful, until Tyler. Now Charlotte realizes she wants to be free, happy and living a normal life and Tyler is just the person to help her.

Tyler lives and breathes baseball. He has worked his whole entire life to get where he is and nothing will change his mind, until Charlie. Now he is questioning everything. Can Tyler let go of his fears and let Charlotte into his heart or were they doomed from the start?

I loved Tyler! He wasn’t your typical playboy flaunting all over the place. He was down to earth and did the best he could to make Charlotte smile. Swoon. Poor Charlotte. I felt like she was always getting the short end of the stick. I absolutely hated hated oh and HATED her mother. What an ungrateful witch! There are a few twists throughout the book, and I wish there would have been a bit more about Charlotte and her family so fingers crossed for another story. Get this book now and fall head over heals for Charlotte and Tyler!


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