Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride by Alexa Riley

Publication Date: March 17, 2016

Series: Standalone

Rating: 5 Stars


Official Blurb: 
When Clare Stevens walked onto the McCallister ranch, she expected her life to be a certain way. She was the mail-order bride of the owner, and she was to fulfill her duties. Clean the house, cook for his men, and warm his bed at night. What she didn't expect was the beefy cowboy who walked in and literally swept her off her feet.

Cash McCallister didn't have time to date and find a wife. So a mail-order bride seemed the easiest way to find a partner. He thought he'd made a mistake until he laid eyes on the little piece of sunshine that lit up his life. He never imagined a true love like this. He never knew an obsession could take hold so tightly.

When drama hits the farm and their fast love is threatened, can Clare and Cash hold it together?

Warning: This is literally as cliché as it sounds...and just as awesome. It's country living with high-calorie foods and easy sunsets. Come sit on the porch and stay a while. You'll like what you see.

Review: Here’s the thing I have come to learn by reading Alexa, you either love her books or you don’t Yes, she writes quick, sexy, sassy heroines, over the top alphas, and insta love and I love every minute. I know going into one of her books I am in for a treat and Cash and Clare were both amazing.

Clare is the mail order bride. She thinks her duties will consist of cooking, cleaning, and warming Cash’s bed. She knows love isn’t even an option, but what does she really have to lose? Cash isn’t looking for love and doesn’t have time to slow done to even care. He needs someone to cook and clean a keep a little womanly touch around, but Cash is literally knocked on his butt the minute he sees Clare. He knows Clare is the one for him, but now he has to show her.

As always, Alexa sucked me in from the get go. There is something about Alexa’s writing that I just love. There is drama, alphas, passion, chemistry and everything in-between. I could read her books over and over and I definitely can’t wait to read the next.

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