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Alex Grayson's Awaken Me Blog Tour

What do you do when you lose the single most important thing in your life? You grieve. You sink so deep in a hole, you can no longer see the top. All you see is dark. Your life becomes dull and dreary. You withdraw from your friends, lash out at the ones your closest to, and become so absorbed in your pain, you feel the only way out is to end it permanently. Your heart no longer pumps properly and you can never get enough air in your lungs. You drink, you neglect your health, and you rent dirty hotel rooms with the sole purpose of ending your pain in them. Guilt eats at you for not being at the one place you were needed the most. And you become angry because you were left behind.
Or at least, that’s what I did. Until she came along…

Chris, the bane of my existence. She’s always there in the background, watching me, trying to ‘be there’ for me. But I don’t want her help. I don’t need her to butt in where she’s not wanted. I just want to be left alone in my grief. But she not giving up, even when I throw insult after insult her way. Every time I turn around, there she is. And what’s worse, she’s starting to make me want things. Things I never thought I could have again. She’s making me forget the pain and bringing color back into my life with her fiery red hair, bright green eyes, and the silly faces she makes at herself in the mirror. But what happens if I let her in? Could I be brave enough to open myself up, knowing the possibility of having it snatched away again. Once I know the feeling of touching Chris, of having her heart and soul blend with mine, I would never survive losing that.

Can I take the chance of her being my savior, even knowing that she could also be the one that could push me other the edge of self-destruction?

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Lauren’s heart.  While it was strong, a book by Alex Grayson destroyed it, leaving nothing left.  It was a good heart for Lauren, but alas, it wasn’t able to withstand Nick and Chris’ heart-breakingly good romance story.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the  “Fund of Too Many Feels” to benefit other readers who are battling the same illness to which Lauren succumbed.

That’s right.  You heard or well, in this case, read me.  Alex Grayson broke my heart with Awaken Me.  Where I thought I was once strong willed and emotionally unshakable, Grayson has taken the biggest sledgehammer she could find and tore down my walls like a sheet of paper trying to withstand a category five hurricane. Even days later, my heart remained buried and broken because of this story.  At one point in reading this novel, I told my co-blogger that I should snatch up stock in Kleenex before the release of this book because I’d make a killing in the increased demand.  This is the by far the most emotional book I have ever read in my two years as a blogger and over twenty years as a reader.  It is simply stated a marvelous read.

This is the part where I would normally break down the characters or the plot, but I am not going to do that this time.  I am simply going to talk about how much this book has completed this series of beautifully broken characters needing redemption, a second chance, or even a chance at all.  Grayson has taken tragic romance and morphed it into romance shrouded in darkness and the tears of her readers.  Awaken Me not only concludes the series, but combines every little detail that I loved about the Jaded Series and wove it into one gritty and beautifully written book.  Grayson had the right emotional connection and combination to hit you just the right way at precisely the right time.   Awaken Me hits the emotional ground running and doesn’t let up until the end.

I’ll even go so far as to admit that this series will be one I greatly miss as Grayson as stepped the final “The End” onto the last page.  While I used to be hesitant about emotional romance novels, I find myself seeking them out like a long, lost friend.  Through reading Alex’s books, I have learned so much more about myself and my emotional capacity to understand and feel tragedy and pain, even if it is fictional.  She’s also given me a better understanding about how love doesn’t have to be found on the straight and narrow path. Sometimes the greatest kind of love is found at the end of the most dangerous, curvy, and painstakingly scary path. That is the kind of love that is worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears that falls for it to be imagined. 

I want to finish off this review by actually thanking Alex Grayson for giving me the Jaded Series world.  Even as I faced my own personal tragedies over the last year,  your books gave me hope that even at the end of a darkened tunnel  I will find peace and happiness again. 

Sweet baby Jesus this BOOK!!! I have been waiting on this book for a long time, but never in a million years did I think it was going to be like this. Alex ripped out my soul just to piece it back together again over and over. My body literally had chills from head to toe, I had tears streaming down my face, I wanted to break my kindle in half, but let me tell you it’s worth every minute. Stop want you are doing…. Get this book, but first grab some tissues and a few bottles of wine and prepare for a crazy, bumpy, rocky and emotional roller coaster ride that will literally leave you breathless.

So obviously I knew Nick and Chris’s story was going to be one that brought up a lot of emotions for me. But I just don’t think I prepared myself enough. Chris is a beautiful person inside and out. She has her faults and I was mad at her a few times, but she is everything that Nick needed he was just too stupid to see it. UGHHH Nick… Nick Nick Nick… be still my heart. It takes a brilliant author to make me want to crawl in my kindle and wrap a character in my arms and hold him while also wanting to throat punch him at the same time.

Alex broke me a few times not even going to lie. This story is hard to get through at times and I found myself screaming and cussing, but it made it perfect. It’s perfect because it all comes together. It’s worth every single minute because let me tell you THAT ENDING absolutely perfect in everyway. I am sad to see this series end. I love every single character in the Jaded Series and I will truly miss them. Alex is a brilliant writer and really knows how to pull out all the stops every single time. I can’t wait to see what she brings next because this book is perfection!


That’s a word Bailey Winsor knows well, having endured it since she was a child from the people that were supposed to protect her. Just when her life appears normal, something Bailey has never experienced, she meets a man and falls in love.

Love can be deceiving.

Bailey jumps from the frying pan that was her childhood and into the burning bowels of hell, which is her sick and twisted husband. It’s hopeless. Suffering more years of abuse, Bailey eventually realizes that she has no choice but to run. 

Forced to stop in a small town in Ohio, Bailey encounters a town full of people that welcome her with open arms, especially Jaxon Walker, the tattooed and pierced local bar owner. Bailey has secrets she’s unwilling to reveal. Jaxon senses her fear and refuses to give up trying to discover them.

Will Bailey be brave enough and learn to trust Jaxon with her deepest secrets? Will Jaxon be strong enough to protect Bailey when her past comes knocking at her door?

****WARNING! PLEASE READ!! This book contains content like rape, drugs, and hard situations that may trigger bad memories for those that has been in similar situations. Not suitable for anyone under 18. **** 

Enduring the ultimate betrayal on her eighteenth birthday by the one person she loves most in the world, Mia Walker is no longer the innocent, sweet, young woman she used to be. She is now cold and hard, letting no one get close to her heart, except family. 

Mackai (Mac) Weston sees the changes in Mia on a daily basis. He knows he is the reason Mia is now the way she is. Never given the chance to explain what really happened that night so long ago, Mac is determined to make Mia finally listen and reclaim what was always his. 

When the truth finally comes out, danger shows its ugly face. There are people in Jaded Hollow that do not want Mac and Mia together. They are willing to do what ever it takes to keep them apart. 

Will Mac be strong enough to overcome temptation, even when the odds are against him? Will Mia forgive Mac when she realizes things weren’t what they seemed ten years ago?

Andrew Donovan is the outrageous goofy guy that everyone loves. In any setting he’s in, he takes front stage and makes everyone laugh; from his ridiculously funny t-shirts, to his naughty jokes, to his shameless flirting with anything that walks, both men and women. But what you see on the outside can sometimes be deceiving. Andrew has a secret. A secret that’s slowly withering away the fun loving guy that everyone knows. A secret that even his closest friends know nothing about.

When he first sees Jase in a picture, he knows instantly that he’s found the one person who will be his forever. He’s just impatiently biding his time for him to get to Jaded Hollow. Andrew is torn. On one hand, he’s finally found the other half of his soul, while on the other hand, he’s slowly dying inside. Tragedy is on the horizon and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

Jase Matthews comes to Jaded Hollow a dead man walking. He knows it’s only a matter of time before they find him. There is no way they’ll let him live. At his first sight of Andrew, he’s instantly drawn to him, but he refuses the connection, knowing his days are numbered. However, it’s not long before he realizes the pull Andrew has on him is something he can’t fight.

Can Andrew find the courage to reveal to his loved ones the secret he’s kept for years? Will Jase be the man to help him overcome the grief he feels inside? And what happens when Jase’s past catches up to him and threatens to take away the man Andrew’s waited forever to meet?

Alex Grayson is originally from the south, but has recently moved to Northern Ohio. Although she misses the warmth of Florida and often times detest the cold of Ohio, she absolutely loves living in the north. Her and her husband bought a house on two acres of land and live there with their daughter, son, one dogs, two cats, eight ducks, and three chickens. She hopes to eventually get a couple of goats to add to their country way of living. Besides her family and home, her next best passion is reading. She is often found with her nose obsessively stuck in a book, much to the frustration of her husband and daughter. On more than one occasion Alex found herself wanting a book to go a certain way, but it didn’t. With these thoughts in mind, she decided to start writing stories according to her own visions. Although this is a new endeavor for her, she hopes that readers find her concepts on romance intriguing and captivating. Alex welcomes and encourages feedback, of any kind. She can be contacted at

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