Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Talon by Sybil Bartel

Publication Date: 3/1/2016

Series: Uncompromising Series #1
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Official Blurb: 


I surf.
I fuck.
I pretend to smile.

Two years ago my life was perfect, until it wasn’t. I scattered my wife’s ashes then walked away from the Marines. I didn’t think I had anything left to lose.

I was wrong.

The blond showed up at my surf shop, beaten and stabbed. I did what I was trained to do—I stitched her up. I didn’t have a clue who she was and I told myself I didn’t care. Until they came looking for her.

I swore I’d take my last breath before I let anyone else hurt her except I didn’t know she was keeping a deadly secret. Now I had two choices, her life or mine.

Marriage and combat taught me the same thing—I was no one’s hero. And I was about to prove it.

*TALON is a 95,000 word standalone novel.

I want to first start of by saying that I wish I had known this was a spin-off from another series.  I started noticing within the first ten or so chapters that I felt like I was missing some big plot line from another book.  It wasn’t until I hit a particular scene that I went back and googled this author.  Had I have known that there was more with these characters in another series; I would have started off with those books instead of diving right into Talon. I know that the author said this was a standalone, but there were far too many references to events and situations that happened in the other series.  Readers will likely be just as confused as I was should they start with this book first.

The story within Talon is relatively good.  Talon is a possessive former marine medic who comes equipped with his own damaged love life and his surf shop business.  He’s a man who hides from his romantic demons by screwing an endless supply of women to help drown out his sorrow and pain. It wasn’t until the end of this book that I truly like his character. I always felt that he had this demure of arrogance and lack of loyalty when it came to the heroine of this story, Nicole.

Nicole really was like a combination of a heroine and an anti-heroine. She almost fluctuated too much between weakling and badass.  Don’t get me wrong after her story unfolded, it made complete sense, but just like Talon, I felt disconnected and maybe a little disdain for these characters because of the lack of understanding I had about them because of the missing backstories.  I think that fans of the other series will likely love this novel, but I’ll admit I struggled not knowing some of these characters before Talon. Bartel does deliver on a very well-written novel with cheeky dialogue, but due to the fact that I felt lost and left out of the backstories, I have to give it a 3.5 stars.  I think with having read the previous books I would have been able to rate it higher.

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