Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March

Publication Date: December 8, 2015  

Series: The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #1

Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 
I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends. Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me. 

Do I sound like an asshole to you?

That's because I am.

And guess what? It works for me just fine. 

Or at least it did.

Until I met her.

Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm. 

Only one problem. 

She didn't leave her name or number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life. Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy—the sweetest, rarest of all pussy—and I need it again.

So what's an asshole to do?

I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral.

And when I find her? I'm keeping her.

Review: From the moment I read the blurb I was hooked. This is my first book by Meghan and she did not disappoint. First off I love the name Creighton. It’s not very often you hear unique names in books anymore, but this one is awesome and I love it. So Creighton… LORD that man is a force to be reckoned with. He is everything you think he would be dominate, cocky, arrogant, bossy, and a bit of a douche. I didn’t really know if I would like him at first, but he kind of sort of maybe just a bit grew on me.

Holly finds herself in a situation she can’t seem to get out of. The recording studio she works for has her on complete lock down, so she decides a night of fun is what she needs to help her get threw the mess she is in. But never in a million years did Holly think she would find herself in an even bigger mess with Creighton, but somehow she does. And then that ending…. AHHH onto the next because I need to know.

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